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Posted by: Lynnette Appling, MSHRM, PHR on 12/28/2015

Baby! This is How I Feel..(A Man's Guide To Understanding The Value of Women)

It is very hard to understand how a woman thinks, or to truly comprehend how she feels. When it involves a Godly woman, it can become an entirely different dynamic. Sometimes, Men find it hard to relate to the newness of a woman who is completely whole. 

This teaching is a guide to help men come to a better understanding of what they gain in life by having a Godly woman by their side. From favor to a weapon of warfare, a woman is given by God as a jewel and in instrument. If worn or played right, the riches of heaven can be manifested in the man's life. Lynnette Appling teaches from her heart the things that men always wanted to know. The heart of a Godly woman is not a secret but a gift to help a man become what they have been destined to be and to enhance the lives of the people they touch.

Women employ the elements of greatness that men seek outside the realms of what God has established. When this is understood and embraced, men will expereince the hope and lasting love they seek. This teaching is a fresh perspective of how important women are to the greater good of the world. This teaching will not only produce understanding, but will be a key tool to help save relationships between men and women.

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