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Posted by: Deb Copeland on 08/13/2019

Attitude Therapy

A broken family, dying mother, drug addiction, broken marriage, and personal health problems were just a few of Deb Copeland's hurdles. During this program, she shares how God helped her turn her life around, and how He'll help you, too. 

In spite of this all, Deb managed to build a successful business, a successful family, and a successful life. She talks the talk and walks the walk, sharing strategies on self motivation vs. impractical suggestions. The common sense examples from her life, make us realize that change is always possible. Not just self-help and rah-rah motivation, this topic helps audiences change their lives with Attitude Therapy!

Based on the book by this title, Attitude Therapy is not about what happens to us, but rather how we respond. Order book HERE.

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