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Posted by: Laura Sommons on 08/02/2022

Apart From Him John 15

I think most of us when we think of this particular passage we always think of Abiding with Christ, as we should. But, right in the middle of the abiding is the warning. Three little words that carry so much weight to them; Apart From Me. This might sound strange as a retreat focus. If we are honest with ourselves we go through the majority of our days apart from Him and we wonder why things are hard, or why we are not producing fruit.  As we dive into John 15 together we see who are great God is, what he requires,  trying to produce fruit, and how deep the Father's love for us is.

This is a four session retreat:

Session 1:  I AM

Session 2:  Abide

Session 3: Apart From Me

Session 4: A Father's Love

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