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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 10/21/2022

And Then Jesus Said...

Choose wisely. It’s a common phrase. One Keli has heard her entire life. But it wasn’t until she lay in the ICU, unable to move—or breathe on her own—that she began to fully understand the importance of her choices. In fact, there is only one thing in life we can control: our choices, especially in how we respond to the circumstances around us.

Keli had a choice. She could blame God or fall into Him. Considering a lifetime of questionable choices, she chose wisely. She chose life in the ICU. She chose laughter in a wheelchair. She chose love in a troubled world. She chose to trust God and fall into Him.

Keli shares her incredible testimony, alongside her daughter Amber, focusing on how they learned to laugh, during their trial. There are moments of tears and of laughter, as they include personal stories from poignant moments to Keli’s worst day of recovery.

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