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Posted by: Maribeth Ditmars on 06/10/2023

4 R's For Renewing Your Mind: Gain an eternal perspective in dealing with adversity and loss

Practical, Biblical strategies shared with humor and passion.  Gain a positive, eternal mindset no matter what we are going through. The 4 R's are Reach In, Reach Out, Routines, and Relying upon God.

Each R has scripture and poignant stories to accompany it.  Your audience will be encouraged and inspired.

  • Maribeth shares how she grasped the hand of Jesus through multiple child loss and addiction.
  • This talk combines humorous anecdotes of her sons' antics that parents will relate to as well as tearful moments of grief that anyone who has suffered loss will understand.
  • The listener will discover strong Biblical connections and powerful strategies.
  • Relevant Scriptures: Job 2-3, Lamentations 1-2, Romans 12:2, Isaiah 41:13, John 16:33

Maribeth Ditmars, is a multi-published author and speaker. https://maribethditmars.com/

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