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Posted by: Cherrilynn Bisbano on 05/15/2017

4 Principles to God's Will

Every believer asks "What's God's will for me?" Cherrilynn shares that God's will is not elusive, in fact, most of His will can be found in the Bible.  Through this easy to remember acrostic, Cherrilynn takes us on a journey to know God and His will, especially through difficult times. God's will for us is:

 W- Worship: You shall worship no other god -Exodus 34:14

  I- Instruction: Receive instruction from His mouth, and lay up His words in your heart -Job 22:22

  L- Lean On: They lean on the LORD and say, is not the LORD in the midst of us? -Micah 3:11

  L- Love: Love the Lord your God with all your heart… Luke 10:27         

4 Principles of God's Will can be taught in 2- one hour sessions (brief overview) or 4- forty-five-minute session.

Cherrilynn will work with you if you have less time.

God desires that we know HIs Will even when the next step is a scary one. 

Cherrilynn would consider it an honor to share with you.


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