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Mary K Dunn Recommendations

Submitted by Career Networking Group on 06/24/2020

Kara D. Bell, Trainer / Coach

On Topic

I've had the pleasure of hearing Mary speak at our Career Networking Group twice. Our audience is a mix of believers & non-believers with men and women in a range of professions from finance to marketing to software engineering. Mary has a gift for breaking down complex brain research into practical, actionable insights. Members of our group reported increased success in job interviews because of her training on moving from judger to learner mindsets, which outlined specific methods of questioning to move a conversation forward. What I appreciate most about Mary is her ability to relate to diverse audiences. Our non-believers often tune out at the "churchy" parts; however, I have seen them lean in when Mary shares her faith in Christ. She has a gift for meeting people where they are then stretching their thinking. For those on a journey to grow into the person God intends for them to be, Mary's words and calm, confident presence provide a strong dose of water, nutrients, and sunshine.

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Jose Abaroa / Lead Pastor

Passionate, eloquent and engaging are three words that come to mind when I think of Mary Dunn's messages. She's intentional about her every word choice, she's hilarious and she masterfully drives the point home each time she speaks. We are privileged to have her on the teaching team of Cypress Creek Church.

Submitted by Cypress Creek Church on 07/19/2022

Alane Pearce, Co Chair Grow Committee

Mary is a delight to work with. She met with us to explore our topic and then did an amazing job expounding on our theme and bringing the word of God and the Spirit of peace and joy to the women at our event. Mary is articulate, professional and very versed on the Word. She brings her knowledge and experiences to her presentation, making them relevant and impactful. She is a pure joy!

Submitted by Lakeway Church Women's Ministry on 01/20/2022

Alicia Blythe, Leadership Development Advisor

Excellence in speaking takes both skills and heart. Mary Dunn has both. She is not only an engaging, inspirational speaker, but her heart speaks from a place of integrity and truth. Her topics are thought-provoking and relevant. Her messages are couched in humor and personal stories, making lasting impressions on her audience. Most importantly, she speaks to the true values of life and ways to move toward them through God.

Submitted by The Flippen Group on 08/09/2021

Rob Campbell - Founding Pastor

Mary is an effective and engaging communicator. She is serious with her preparation, delivers solid content, demonstrates excellence, stimulates deep thinking, and always adds a nice dose of humor. When Mary speaks, she receives rave reviews.

Submitted by Cypress Creek Church, Wimberley, Texas on 08/04/2021

Laurie Ellis, Senior Leader-CBS, RN, Sister in Christ

I have known Mary for almost 10 years. She never ceases to amaze me! She is engaging, honest, & authentic.I have had the privilege of being in her audience at several different venues. She is an impressive, skilled, and a dynamic speaker. She has the ability to teach with impact while sprinkling in humor and life experiences. She is passionate about the absolute truth of the Bible and the applications of its precepts into our daily lives. She's a joy! You'll love her too!

Submitted by Community Bible Study- San Marcos, Texas on 04/13/2020

Rhonda Patterson - Prayer Pastor

I've been so blessed to hear Mary speak on several occasions. She's professional, engaging and thought-provoking, providing a wonderful blend of intellect, emotion, and humor. Mary speaks with authenticity and gravity as her approach calls to mind 1 Peter 4:11 "Whoever speaks must do so as one speaking the very words of God."

Submitted by Cypress Creek Church on 04/02/2020

Bob Walker Sr. Vice President

I have heard Mary speak on several occasions... her delivery is compelling and the message she presents comes across clearly and with relevance. Having worked with numerous professional speakers around the world for more than 40 years, I would say that Mary can bring an inspirational and meaningful message to any group - corporate, professional, faith-based or otherwise. I would recommend you consider her for your next event or speaking opportunity.

Submitted by Events At Freeman on 02/24/2020

Tracy Levinson - Best Selling Author & Speaker

Mary Dunn is an extremely professional, relatable and dynamic communicator. She mingles science with the grit of real life and surprises her audiences into laughter as they take notes on how they can enhance their lives. I find myself inviting people of faith, as well as skeptics to come and hear her whenever she speaks! - Tracy Levinson

Submitted by on 02/24/2020

Craig Foster Executive Director

Mary Dunn was a keynote motivational/educational speaker for our large group of professional-level job seekers who our nonprofit serves weekly. Mary was transparent and authentic in her storytelling, so the audience could really identify with her. People left her talk inspired, encouraged, and ready to take the next steps as she beautifully tied in her Christian faith, scripture, science, humor, and her life experiences. It’s evident that Mary was led by God as she prepared and delivered her talk. I highly recommend Mary, and once you listen to her talk, be prepared to be motivated to take action. Thanks, Craig

Submitted by Job Seekers Network 'top 5 Job Club In The Usa' on 02/24/2020

Elizabeth Tuttle, Area Chair Hays County Young Life

Mary is a very humble person that takes her opportunities to speak seriously. She seeks God for His words to engage and teach her audience. She is smart and delivers her messages well. And as an added bonus, she is funny and entertaining!

Submitted by Area Chair Young Life on 01/23/2020