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Candy Alcosiba Recommendations

Submitted by Redemption Point Alliance Church on 03/15/2023

Ayleen De Anda

On Topic

Candy is a dynamic and charismatic speaker, who clearly has a strong passion for God’s kingdom. I always enjoy listening to her speak because of how encouraging and uplifting she is. She is never condescending when she speaks and relates to her audience in a deep and meaningful way. She is truly a blessing to many! 

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Monica Wayne

I had the pleasure to hear Candy speak at a Women’s Retreat. She speaks from the heart, and her love for Jesus is apparent. She has a great way to tie in real life experiences with scriptures. Because she is genuine and kind-hearted, it is easy to relate with her. Candy is a fantastic speaker, and I would definitely attend one of her speaking engagements again.

Submitted by Fremont Unified School District on 03/14/2023

Rachel Hunt

Candy is an amazing speaker. She has a way with words and somehow captures exactly what you’re thinking. Candy makes you think deeply and says exactly what you need to hear. She isn’t afraid to speak the truth and you know God’s Word is her foundation. She speaks with so much passion and you can tell she puts her heart into everything she says. I always look forward to listening to her speak. Candy truly has a gift and anyone that hears her speak will be blessed.

Submitted by Aisd on 03/13/2023

Debbie Klosky, CPA

I've heard Candy speak a couple times. She is a gifted speaker who knows the Word. She is also a prayer warrior and prays about what God wants her to speak. She can mix personal stories with the truth so it gets through to her audience. She's led prayer workshops at church, spoken at women's retreats and no matter where it is, her message is clear and points to Jesus.

Submitted by Redemption Point Alliance Church on 03/13/2023

Kristine Kane

I attended a Women's Prayer Workshop led by Candy at the Redemption Point Alliance Church in McKinney. Candy is an amazing teacher with a loving spirit that touches everyone. I loved they way she kept us engaged with our interactive workbook and biblical knowledge. She's entertaining, down to earth and I look forward to seeing her again.

Submitted by City Of San Jose on 03/13/2023