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Karen Smith Recommendations

Submitted by The Hills Church on 02/12/2024

Renee Barnett

On Topic

I can only highly recommend Karen Smith as a speaker and bible class teacher. 
Her wisdom, knowledge and understanding has truly blessed us as we study Revelation together. 
I hope she continues to teach more classes in the future. 

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Alicia Williams

Karen is an exceptional woman and speaker. She knows how to connect with her audience and communicate in a way that makes people feel seen, known and heard. The audience will walk away feeling empowered and inspired to fall more in love with God! Cannot say enough beautiful things about her!

Submitted by Crossroads Church on 02/07/2024

Shaula Parker

I have been blessed to have been a part of two classes taught by Karen Smith, and have found her to be a phenomenal teacher in all respects. Her knowledge and understanding of the Bible goes far and deep, and her ability to communicate that understanding to an audience of varied knowledge and experience with out leaving anyone behind is truly a gift. Best of all, her thirst for deeper knowledge of the Bible is contagious. I personally delight in seeing her face light up when she talks about God and the truths found in the Bible. I hope I’ll be attending many more Bible classes led by Karen. 

Submitted by The Hills Church on 01/23/2024

Sarah T Carruthers

Karen has the gift of preaching and teaching. She can keep her audience engaged, and when they leave, they will also have their hearts towards Jesus.
She is very passionate about her teaching and her preaching.  I have sat under Karen‘s teachings for several years, and I still come away with the awesome knowledge that this woman has, and she is so transparent and letting us know what she knows. She also has a great sense of humor, which, sometimes in a large audience or class is very useful. She has wonderful zingers. I have been the subject of them several times.
Thank you for letting me write this review for letting people know what an incredible author and teacher Karen is.
Sarah T Carruthers 

Submitted by Retired on 01/22/2024

Lynne Johnson

God has gifted Karen with an ability to passionately express her love for our Lord Jesus  and to share her knowledge of Scripture. She is an amazing teacher. 

Submitted by None on 01/21/2024

Kathy Potts

Excellent in every category below. One of the best teachers I’ve had! I totally love her! 

Submitted by Sat Under Her In Bible Study on 01/20/2024

Darla Dudley

I studied Biblical truth under Karen for over 10 years when she lived in the Grandview area. Karen has a passion for God's Word and for teaching. She is clear, and concise yet brings His Word to life with excitement and a great expectation of His return for His Bride the Church. I highly recommend Karen's teaching for your journey deeper into a relationship with our Savior. 

Submitted by Chambers Creek Baptist Church on 01/20/2024

Peggy Meyer

I have taken many Bible Studies with Karen. She's knowledgeable and backs up everything from the Bible.

Submitted by Retired Banking on 01/19/2024

Mrs Carol Hare

Karen is one of most knowledgeable and prophetic speakers that I know! She has qualified herself with published books to further God's kingdom to others. She also has an adult special needs daughter, which reveals her heart for Christ as she has been her caregiver and parent for over 30 years. She is humble and seeks His truths in every detail of her life. She has been a blessing to our ladies ministry at our church where she leads a Bible study from her own published study guide. We are thankful to have Karen so accessible to minister to us all!

Submitted by Member Of The Hills Church on 01/19/2024

Penny Brogdon

Both retreats I attended by Karen were amazing. I learned so much and really grew in my faith thanks to her. Listen to her every chance you get!

Submitted by Retired Special Education Teacher on 01/19/2024

Caren Sorrells

Karen has been a great Bible study leader. Her Biblical knowledge is extensive and her knowledge of the history of Bible times is awesome. She makes understanding the Bible easy with her notes and guided questions she has for each chapter in our current Bible study of Revelation. She has a very positive and upbeat personality and connects with all of us in the class.

Submitted by The Hills on 01/19/2024

Wendy Scott

I have always wanted to better understand The Revelation, which seemed to be so far over my head and well past my knowledge so I just didn’t read much of it. When I learned about a class taught by Karen I jumped on it..we are not rushing through it and Karen wants to make sure that we have an understanding before we move forward. The study, Even So, Come… is so well put together. It explains who, what, where, why and when and also has detailed layouts of the old and new lands, tabernacles, people’s— I just feel like I can understand so much more . I can’t be more pleased and look forward to joining any study that she has moving forward. 

Submitted by The Hills Church Member on 01/19/2024

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mitchell

Karen Smith is a very Biblically knowledgeable and interesting speaker that engages you in the subject she is speaking on. She is so informative that you understand what she is telling you and she shares the timeline that helps you grasp the facts and how it all fits.  She has a teacher’s heart that loves to help you learn and grow in your faith.  

Submitted by Bible Study on 01/18/2024

Dr. Judy Van Dyke

Karen Smith is an outstanding teacher. She is always well prepared and knowledgeable on whatever topic is being discussed. She makes sure that every detail is thoroughly researched and is able to communicate in a way that can be easily understood by her students. She will be a valuable asset to your organization. 

Submitted by Bible Study on 01/17/2024

Nancy Ruthenbeck

Karen is a very well informed and engaging speaker, She makes  the subject come alive  with immense grasp of the subject. Its always a pleasure to listen to Karen

Submitted by Bible Study on 01/17/2024

Denise james

Karen is an excellent speaker & no doubt holds your attention. She is very knowledgeable of the bible. The book of revelations is a complex chapter. At least to me. But with her guidance & literature that she has given us really is beginning to make sense to me. Karen is just a wonderful cheerful Christian woman !

Submitted by Member At The Hills Church (nrh) on 01/17/2024

Rosa Herrera

Karen is a very Godly loving person with so much knowledge of the Bible. You can tell she spends a lot of time studying and before God. I thank God for knowing her and being in her class.

Submitted by Karen Home Bible Study on 01/17/2024

Mrs.Anne Chitwood/ retired

Karen Smith is a great  She is very knowledgeable of her subject and history. Her vice is very clear and concise and engaging. She has a good command of the subject and knows what is important to pass on. She doesn’t rush through the topic and gives cross references. I have enjoyed her Bible study of Revelation so much that I’ve watch all her YouTube’s and others and find her to be the best speaker with the most knowledgeable. 

Submitted by Bible Study Group on 01/17/2024

Neal Reynolds

I have been privileged and Blessed to have done Bible Studies with Karen for several years. I would love to have the knowledge and understanding of scripture that she has. I am Blessed that she can explain things in a way I can understand. I definitely recommend She be given any opportunity to share her gift with others.

Submitted by Christian on 01/17/2024