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Misty Fitch Recommendations

Submitted by OU Sigma Phi Lambda on 12/28/2023

Kate Needham

On Topic

Misty was very knowledgeable and pleasant to listen to

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I highly recommend Misty Fitch. She spoke at a ladies event I attended and was spot on as she brought vulnerability and biblical truth to her teaching/message. You would be very pleased to have her at any speaking engagement to bring truth, encouragment, and a Christ-centered message. 

Submitted by Local Church on 01/12/2024

Danika Young

Misty is an incredible speaker! She was a speaker/teacher of a 6 week Discipleship Class I attended, she  was a lead speaker of a large women’s event at our church called Fresh Vibes, and also she is the group leader/speaker of our weekly bible study group.  She’s engaging, funny, sweet, relaxed but energetic, and extremely knowledgeable. She does an excellent job of always making everyone feel welcome and included. I highly recommend Misty! 

Submitted by Cross Timbers on 01/05/2024

Cordelia & Chaplain

When Misty came to speak at our fall retreat, she was a beacon of light to all of us and encouraged each of us to really think about our faith with God. She had her sessions more discussion based rather than lecture based which our girls loved because they were able to interact and learn more through asking questions and hearing each other’s perspectives! The topics were faith in action, faith in the unknown, and faith & fear. She used verses and biblical stories through every session and she even gave us a packet that consisted of verses that talk about faith. She also gave us a piece of paper of what version (NIV, KJV, MSG) to look for depending on what you’re looking for. 
Mrs. Fitch is full of Christ, and it shows!! Any organization, conference, or retreat would be lucky to have her as a speaker!!!

Submitted by Sigma Phi Lambda Sisters For The Lord on 12/28/2023