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Laurie's Faith Speaks Recommendations

Submitted by RN Erlanger Hospital on 11/17/2023

Faith Pyre, RN

On Topic

Being a nurse in a hospital, I see the violence that these women go through when they first come in: denying, wanting out but scared, and not knowing what to do next. After they leave the hospital, I may not see them till the next time, maybe worse off from the last visit,
Laurie has such enthusiasm for these women to help them recover from their past once they get out of the volatile relationship. Her talk is forward, and I love that she shares her story of violence against her and that she almost did not make it. You can tell the way she reaches out her heart is with abused women.
I love that she has a workbook to help these women put their lives together. I saw a part of it is impressive and very informative.
Must book her for your next evewnt.

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Rachel D

This lady is fantastic, loving, and knows how to present. She is very passionate about her topic and knows her audience. I can't wait to hear from her again.

Submitted by Laurie's Faith Speaks on 10/06/2023

Cheryl B

What a powerful, heartfelt talk. She knows how to empower women. to move forward with their lives and is an excellent presenter.

Submitted by Laurie's Faith Speaks on 10/06/2023

Tabitha Wangeci Njenga

I was so impressed by Laurie's passion for abused women and saw her love for these women that I approached her to help me open a home for orphans and abused children here in Kenya. What an inspiration she is. I hope to be able to work with her soon and hear her talk again.

Submitted by Laurie Nitschke on 08/31/2023

Esau Tayebwa, Pastor in Uganda

We are so excited and blessed to have the lady of God called Laurie Nitschke from USA to speak to our young generation (youth). It will take place on 16th_19th January 2024. She will be reaching and speaking to the young generation from 14-35 years. Both Believers and non believers from a cross all areas. She was invited to be part of over five hundred who will be blessed. We shall be coming out from the power of darkness to light of God. We shall also have a wonderful crusades from at 4 pm-5:30pm by annoited woman from USA. There will be workshops for women about abuse and a Godly marriage for the young girls at the end of conference. I have heard Laurie speak on the subject of abused women, I enjoy what she has to say. Can not wait for more.

Submitted by Laurie Nitschke on 08/28/2023

Lisa Seismore

The talk was amazing. Very informative and I learned a lot from Laurie. I went home and implemented what she spoke about, and I am feeling better. Thank you Laurie

Submitted by Lisa Seismore on 08/24/2023

June Drennon

Laurie gave an excellent talk, well presented, and she knew the subject well. Can't wait to hear her again.

Submitted by June Drennon on 08/24/2023