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Melissa Maimone Recommendations

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield, California on 02/12/2024

Terry Wyckoff, Women's Ministry Team Member

On Topic

I am pleased and especially happy to recommend Melissa Maimone as a Christian women's speaker. Our women's ministry has invited her to speak several times and each time she was very inviting, energetic and spoke from her heart touching everyone who came to hear her. Our evaluations which we ask our ladies to complete after each event gave her 10 and 10+ the highest positive mark for her program talk. She is easy to work with and goes with the flow. She was particularly helpful in even going above and beyond by assisting us in providing our hostess gift as well for our women's tea events. Melissa is truly a blessing and biblically speaks truth and love every time she speaks. She has lots of various topics that you can choose from and as an added bonus of being wonderfully talented artist and writer. Promise you will not be disappointed but definitely blessed by having Melissa Maimone as your next Christian Woman Speaker.

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Michele R Cass

I just heard Melissa for the first time at a Ladies Retreat in Shallotte NC. I was blown away and loved the power of her story!

Submitted by Union Baptist Churc on 03/28/2023

Cory Underwood

I heard you speak this past weekend at a women’s conference in Ocean Isle. I loved that u spoke about your personal life and how it brought you close to the Lord. I really enjoyed your testimony! 

Submitted by Longs Chapel on 03/26/2023

Cherie Lee, Director of Women's Ministries and Small Groups

Melissa is so relatable, open and honest as she shares her experiences walking with our Lord in His grace, forgiveness and love. She engages with her audience whether it is from the stage or as she sits and gets to know them one on one. Our ladies felt that they had met a new friend that understood their own struggles in this life. No matter how broad the topic, Melissa sends one home with impactful stories or statements that are easily remembered. In the 25 years that I have been organizing Christian Women's Retreats, I have found Melissa to be my favorite speaker.

Submitted by Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church on 03/21/2023

Julie Wilson, participant

Melissa is the real deal! She is inspiring and engaging and spreaks from the heart! I always love hearing Melissa speak!

Submitted by Sessons Weekend on 03/21/2023

Dale Mitchell, Women’s Ministry Director

We were blessed to have Melissa speak at our Women’s Conference. She is an excellent speaker. She has such an amazing way of connecting with her audience as she shares biblical teachings. She is authentic, funny and an inspiration!! If you have the opportunity to have her speak at your event, you will be truly blessed!

Submitted by Beale Memorial Baptist Church on 03/21/2023

Barbara Sweeney- Women's Conference Ministry

I can't say enough about how wonderful our time with Melissa was during our Conference event. She was so relatable and real with sharing her own experiences and relating to all the women on a biblical level. The feedback from our conference on her presentation was overwhelmingly positive!

Submitted by Chatham Community Chruch on 03/21/2023

Suzann McCann, Ministry Team Member

Melissa is a real, raw and refreshingly honest speaker that shares God's truth in a unique and engaging way. She is a brilliant asset to any conference or retreat.

Submitted by The Ascent Church on 02/19/2019

Andrea Petsche

Melissa was an awesome speaker for our event. She is relevant, engaging, authentic and highly personable. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Penasquitos Christian Preschool on 04/19/2017