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Holly LaChappell Recommendations

Submitted by Womens Ministry on 04/01/2024

Mer Jacobs, Executive Womens Church Board

On Topic

I have had the pleasure and satisfaction of working beside Holly LaChappell for seven years on the Womens Ministry Board.

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Cyndi Shaver/Chair Of Christmas Tea

Holly was fantastic to work with. She spoke at our Women's Christmas Tea and was enthusiastic and exciting to listen too. Everyone enjoyed her openness, sense of humor and her deep love for the Lord. She added to the overall success of our morning and God blessed us with her presence there. Both of her daughters were a joy to have as well!!

Submitted by Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church on 02/24/2022

Candy Beam, Director Of Womens Ministry

Holly LaChappell is an enthusiastic and inspiring speaker. Our women’s group at Twin Cities Church in Grass Valley has had the pleasure of hearing Holly speak at our women’s bible study, at growth encounters and at our Christmas Tea which includes over 650 people for 2 evenings. Holly has a variety of interests and experiences and her love of the Lord is evident in all she says and does. I would highly recommend Holly as a speaker for any size group.

Submitted by Twin Cities Church on 12/10/2019

Barbara Howe, Bible study Leader

"For the past five or six years Holly LaChappell has been one of my closest friends, and although I am old enough to be her mother, I have learned much from her.
Holly has so many Godly qualities and such an infectious personality that she is a pure joy to be around!

She is a woman of faith, a trusted friend, a gentle leader, an inspiring speaker, and a prayer warrior.
Her enthusiasm for God's Word, for people of all ages, and for life itself is a blessing to all who know and love her.

Holly has been our main speaker for our Christmas Tea at Twin Cities Church for over 600 ladies, as well as having been the Christmas Tea Chairman, chief decorator and emcee over the past several years. Everyone knows that if Holly is involved things will be carried out with style, detail, and enthusiasm.

While I was the Bible Study Coordinator at Twin Cities Church for four years I found Holly to be one of our best group leaders, and on occasion was our speaker/teacher to a group of 150 ladies..

Submitted by Womens Ministry on 10/30/2015

Roseann Hultquist, Bible study Leader

"My name is Roseann Hultquist. I have known Holly LaChappell for over 20 plus years.
We first met at church in the late 1980’s, and became closer as friends and coworkers in Women’s Ministry. Both of us attended/served at a community bible study at the same time as well.

Not only have Holly and I served together in Christian Ministry but we also worked together on my daughter’s wedding in 1995. Holly has remarkable creative skills as well as organization and integrity in business situations that I saw firsthand when she planned and organized the flowers for the wedding.

I have heard Holly speak at our church women’s bible studies for 100 plus women; at our Christmas Tea that covers two nights of speaking for approximately 600 women; at a conference where she displayed decorating skills while sharing the love of Christ with passion, grace, poise and especially the peace and joy of the Lord. ......

Submitted by Womens Ministry on 10/30/2015