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Karen McCracken Recommendations

Submitted by NCC on 01/04/2024


On Topic

Funny relatable comedy to make my jaws hurt from laughing!

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Mary Catherine Moore, Director

Karen will move you, make you cry and reach your heart with truth from the Lord.

Submitted by End The Cycle, Inc. on 04/08/2024

Brenda Robinson

Karen is an inspirational speaker that will grab your attention and keep it. She shares her heart about Jesus and inspires you to seek him more. 

Submitted by Ninevah Christian Church on 01/04/2024

Teresa Fultz

What an amazing way to worship. We all need more laughter and joy in our life’s. We absolutely loved her speaking with us. 

Submitted by Ncc Flourish on 01/04/2024

Cathy Chelf

So much fun, I had a great time.

Submitted by Ninevah Christian on 01/04/2024

Sarah Makowski

Had the best time with a night full of laughter! 

Submitted by Ninevah Christian Church on 01/04/2024

Briana Johnson

Karen was HILARIOUS! I can’t wait to see her again. So much fun laughing at her stories and commentary. Loved it!! 

Submitted by Nineveh Christian Church on 01/04/2024

Mallory A.

Karen is hilarious! Highly recommended her! She is wonderful!

Submitted by Ninevah Christian Church on 01/04/2024

Tina Burnsworth

Humor has a way of providing a healing balm in times of emotional stress and uncertainty. Karen MCCracken's sessions at our Camp Calvary Retreat were an answer to prayers. Her experiences and the touching manner in which she shared her story gave me hope. I have struggled for decades to identify with the woman I see in the mirror in relation to the woman God created me to be. Karen is real, approachable, and sincere. Since the retreat, her message has resonated in my mind and heart. I have been able to encourage friends to seek any opportunity to hear her speak and read her easily accessed books on Amazon. I look forward to listening to her podcasts and anticipate any future engagements at which I may hear her speak again. I pray for God's blessings on her ministry.

Submitted by Spencer Christian Church Ladies' Retreat on 10/05/2023


Karen does a great job! She is witty but not cheesy! She turns everyday subjects and concerns for women, sprinkles in some humor, and adds biblical points and explanations all while holding your attention the whole time

Submitted by Camp Calvary Ladies Retreat 2023 on 09/26/2023

Anne Thomas Browell

Karen was very motivational and inspiring! I enjoyed listening to her story and testimony. 

Submitted by Camp Calvary Ladies Retreat on 09/23/2023


Awesome Christian speaker who loves the Lord! 

Submitted by Church on 09/23/2023

Allie Lupson

Karen was an amazing speaker! My first time hearing her speak and it was wonderful. 

Submitted by .. on 09/23/2023

Rebecca medley

Karen is a wonderful speaker, she tells a beautiful story and relates it to women and our lives, and how to trust God and pray and Waite and listen. Her story touched me deeply and gave me a reason to stop and listen and then stand firm

Submitted by Camp Calvary Women's Retreat on 09/23/2023

Theresa Davis

Karen shared deeply from her heart a message of encouragement that could reach all women regardless of age. 

Submitted by Camp Calvary Ladies Retreat on 09/23/2023

Peyton Medley

She is an amazing speaker. I saw her last year, and this year at a ladies retreat. She is so hilarious, and leaves a memory every where she goes!!

Submitted by School Student on 09/23/2023

Katilyn kessinger

Karen was wonderful. She was very confident in her speaking. She was funny and open. She knows her Bible and her identity is in Christ. I highly recommend 

Submitted by Spencer Christian Church / Camp Calvary on 09/23/2023

Lauri Gifford, Child of God

Karen is so real and it is obvious how she loves Jesus and people♡♡

Submitted by Scc on 09/23/2023

Lori James

Karen was an amazing authentic speaker who spoke directly to what i am currently going through: 

Submitted by Spencer Christian Church on 09/23/2023


Great speaker! Hope to get to see her again

Submitted by Camp Calvary Womens Retreat on 09/23/2023


She was absolutely amazing!

Submitted by Spencer Christian Church on 09/23/2023

Katy Hallmark

We throughly enjoyed Karen, her message, her sincerity, her humor and her faith. What an Amazing testimony for Christ. 

Submitted by Ladies Retreat on 09/23/2023

Rheta Lyddane

Loved the testimony and very powerful message of how great our God is. 

Submitted by Mill Creek on 09/23/2023

Laura Russo

Karen was just the right amount of serious and fun. She had wonderful stories and did a great job on the topic of forgiveness. I learned so much. I am thankful I got to hear her speak. 

Submitted by Daughters Of The King (dok) on 06/24/2023

Natasha Lear

Awesome woman of God.  Really enjoyed her message.

Submitted by Lancaster Church Of God on 05/24/2023

Charlie Blacketer, Outreach Minister

Karen rocks. She's got the biggest heart and backs up her words with actions.

Submitted by Tyrone Church/the Forgotten Ministry on 01/20/2023


Karen is a fantastic speaker! Her stories are engaging, real, relevant and hilarious! It was like listening to an old friend!

Submitted by N/a on 10/19/2022


Karen is a fantastic speaker! Her stories are engaging, real, relevant and hilarious! It was like listening to an old friend!

Submitted by N/a on 10/19/2022

Sunny Foley

This is my second opportunity to see Karen. She is lovely, hilarious and very engaging. Karen loves The Lord and her fellow ladies, walking the spiritual walking with us, in humor and joy.

Submitted by Broadway Christian Church on 10/16/2022

Reagan Meade

Amazing, this event was comidy based and it was amazing. She is super talented and funny.

Submitted by N/a on 10/15/2022

Dolly Inman

I thoughly enjoyed her speaking engagement. She was very inspiring and exceptionally funny. Would most definitely go hear her speak again

Submitted by None on 10/14/2022


This is the second time Karen has been a speaker at one of our events. Great communicator of the Bible and great comedian.

Submitted by Sister2sister / Broadway Christian on 10/13/2022


Thoroughly enjoyed her for our ladies comedy night. So glad I came out to hear her and enjoy a lot of laughs.

Submitted by Broadway Christian Church on 10/13/2022

Tara Bertic, Exceptional Needs Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Karen’s retreat session on unforgiveness robbing your peace was phenomenal. There was no fluff, just transparency in her journey, signs of unforgiveness in your life, and practical steps to overcoming it. I have a lot of work to do, but felt I took the first giant step and a weight was lifted just in listening to Karen’s session. So thankful I found it and her resources.

Submitted by Bay Life Church on 02/28/2022

Sarnia Ogidan (Fitness Coach)

Karen McCracken is an amazing speaker. She has such an amazing way to connect with her audience as she shares biblical principles in an unforgettable way. Her topic on unforgiveness is a topic that everyone should hear about.

Submitted by Sarnia Inspires on 02/10/2022

Karen Battcher

We had Karen as the main speaker for our Ladies Day event, and she is phenomenal! She is real, and pure in her presentation, and our Ladies related to her on every level!

Submitted by Woodlawn Christian Church on 10/29/2021


Wonderful speaker! She has a way of telling stories that not only entertain that give you something to relate to. I would highly recommend her. She is awesome!

Submitted by General Baptist on 07/19/2021

Marcia Miller

Karen was our guest speaker for our annual Christmas Luncheon this year. She was wonderful to work with! Karen took our theme and presented a light hearted meaningful message. She enlisted the help of our audience to performed her rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" which brought much laughter and smiles.

Submitted by Fairdale Christian Church on 01/06/2020

Carla Slagle

Karen was an excellent speaker at our Women’s Retreat! She was insightful, funny as she encouraged & challenged us in our daily walk! Also enjoyed hanging out with her playing games in the evening. She is authentic, fun and an inspiration!! If you have the opportunity to have her speak at your event, you will be truly blessed! Highly recommend!

Submitted by Women’s Retreat on 04/07/2019

Jenni Swartz, Retreat Coordinator

Was blessed to hear Karen speak at our annual women's retreat last October. She is so funny and we could all relate to her life story. I love how she weaves her testimony with the Word of God and how He has rescued her throughout her life. We thoroughly enjoyed her presentations over the weekend as her effervescent personality bubbled over to the crowd. She totally made us all feel like one of her girlfriends just hanging out for the weekend!

Submitted by Skyline Church on 04/02/2019

Amanda Ball-Knight

Great speaker!! She’s a blessing! Loved sharing the stage with her at a conference!! The ladies at our event were very blessed by her message ... you never knew if you were going to cry or laugh until you cried!

Submitted by She’s Seeking Jesus Ministeries on 03/24/2019

Ms. Melinda Evans

Karen has a sincere heart for helping others & a remarkable testimony!

Submitted by Vumc on 03/21/2019

Becky Adney

I was blessed to hear Karen speak at a women's conference. I love her honesty, her ability to laugh at herself and encourage us to laugh at ourselves, her willingness to get "in the trenches" with us, and her compassion. I believe everyone can benefit from hearing her speak.

Submitted by Survive & Thrive on 03/21/2019

Holly Lanham Youth leader

I absolutely love Karen!!! She gave so much insight into a road that unknown to me i was about to go down. She is a great speaker and i can not wait to see her again!!!

Submitted by Westside General Baptist on 03/21/2019

Shannon Cole

Karen has a god given talent of relating everyday life to biblical principals. She has a unique ability to make people laugh while motivating and teaching. She is empowering and enforces the word of god!

Submitted by Student on 03/20/2019

Lisa Parnell, Fall Conference Leader

Our church had Karen come and speak at our fall conference last Oct. 2017 and Karen was a hit with the ladies. Karen had a great message for the ladies and her delivery was honest, warm and funny at times as well. We enjoy speakers that are published in order to sell inspiring books to continue the message after the conference is over. I would highly recommend Karen for any ladies retreat or conference.

Submitted by Immanuel Umc on 07/26/2018

Lisa Lozon

I really enjoyed how Ms. McCracken was able to find the humor in everyday and sometimes embarrassing occurrences. I laughed from deep down inside, which releases stress and tension - something I think we all carry as anymore we seem to be "on call" most of the time.

Submitted by N/a on 07/25/2018

Alice Tillett Rev.

Karen is a great speaker! Relates to the needs of a variety of people in a personal manner using engaging humor and wisdom. She speaks to serious life issues using Biblical references and a sensitivity to the authentic issues of our lives. All age groups will enjoy Karen as they listen to her clever and insightful observations and amazing presentation. I recommend Karen as a speaker that you will remember and enjoy.

Submitted by Bluewater Ministries on 07/25/2018

Angela Jamison

Karen was the guest speaker at our Fall Women's Conference and she was exactly what I needed at the time! Karen was raw and honest yet hilarious. She spoke of relatable issues while being encouraging with scripture. It would be a blessing to hear her speak again.

Submitted by Immanuel United Methodist Church on 07/24/2018

Lauren White, Former Women's Ministry Director

Karen is hysterical! Her testimony is beautiful and it was perfect timing for the women of our church.

Submitted by Formerly Bullittsburg Baptist Church on 07/24/2018

Tyre Denney Sr., Pastor

"The following is a letter from my previous Pastor and mentor, Pastor Tyre Denney, who has since gone on to be with the Lord.

To Whom It May Concern,
Karen McCracken demonstrated her ability to reach our entire congregation through speaking in our services and through ongoing programs and events. She is an excellent communicator, well organized, creative and has a spontaneous wit and humor, which is very refreshing. She earnestly seeks to meet the developing spiritual needs of our children and youth. Her creative approach to their unique needs has been evident in the wide variety of programs she has developed and implemented such as: Friday Night Lights, Praise and Worship for Kids, Creative Ministries, TNT Tuesdays, Summer Sunday
Nights, Puppet ministry, 24 Hours of Prayer, children’s & youth camps, Youth mission trips, Bible Studies, community service projects, conducted reverse Trick or Treating during Halloween......

Submitted by Lighthouse Church on 10/31/2015