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Susan Howell Recommendations

Submitted by Campbellsville University on 11/18/2023

Dr. Carey Ruiz

On Topic

I have worked with Dr. Howell for 7 years, and she is a talented educator. Dr. Howell demonstrates her area of expertise in a way that is accessible to audiences from a variety of backgrounds. I have heard her speak on several occasions, including a speaking engagement I hosted when I was director of Diversity and Community. For this particular lecture, there was a variety of audience members-- students, academics, and various members of the community. Everyone engaged with the topic, and I believe most left with knowledge and understanding they did not have at the onset. Dr. Howell's students absolutely adore her. I highly recommend Dr. Howell as a potential speaker with your organization. Potential audiences will certainly benefit from her warmth, knowledge and openness.

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Anna Grace Peterson, Therapeutic Case Manager

Dr. Susan Howell is an intelligent speaker whose lectures address complex and often contentious topics in such a way as to encourage discussion and dialogue instead of discourse. Dr. Howell is a competent speaker who presents her vast knowledge in a manner that is accessible and engaging for audience members from all different lifestyles. In my years as a student, Dr. Howell's lectures were impactful and greatly influenced how I look at the world and those around me. Anyone who has the chance to listen to and learn from Dr. Howell will walk away armed with deep knowledge and understanding about the universe and their impact on it.

Submitted by Former Student on 11/21/2023

Mimi Haddad PhD

Dr. Susan Howell is an articulate speaker addresses complex topics in clear and accessible ways. She's attuned to trends in her field, and to those in need of her expertise. Dr. Howell is sensitive to many cultural issues and provides useful content to diverse audiences.

Submitted by President Of Cbe International.org on 11/18/2023

Dr. E.J. Pavy - Academic Systems Administrator

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Howell as a guest on a podcast about gender equity and the Christian worldview. She is a remarkably engaging speaker! Dr. Howell brings expert knowledge on matters of psychology and faith, presenting fresh ideas in ways that challenge persons and communities of faith to grow in their understanding of calling and humanity.

Submitted by Campbellsville University on 10/16/2023

Dr. Susan Wright, PhD

Dr. Howell is a charistmatic speaker. When she reads an excerpt, she does it with an engaging tone and flair instead of that dry reading voice people sometimes have. Then she interacts well with the audience, answering their questions, adding humor when appropriate, and giving good examples to explain or backup her points. She's knowledgeable, and she really knows her Bible. I usually get bored at speaking events, I admit, but she held my attention for a full hour no problem. I would totally listen to her again anytime, anyplace. I recommend her with absolutely no reservations.

Submitted by Campbellsville University on 10/14/2023

Nicole Barnett, Family Ministries Pastor

Susan Harris Howell is nothing short of a blessing! I was first introduced to her through her book "Buried Talents" and then was given the privilege to hear her speak about her book a short time later. As she shared her knowledge, personal experiences, and the stories of others, I could not help but be brought to tears by the way they related and applied to what I was dealing with in that season. I highly recommend her as both an author and a speaker!

Submitted by Ravenna Church Of The Nazarene on 08/16/2023