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Vera LeRay Warner Recommendations

Submitted by Christian Worship Center & IHI on 04/24/2024

Izella Feathers

On Topic

A Great Pastor, and Teacher of God’s Word. Trust Worthy, and Loved by Many. She is Valuable.

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Jackie L. Nibbelink, Psalmst

I highly Recommend Vera Warner as a speaker! She seeks and hears from God pertaining to the group she speaks at and really knows the word to deliver an anointed word! If you want to see God move and what a fresh Rhema word I highly recommend Vera. You will not be disappointed! She is the real deal and will bless you as the Lord uses her!

Submitted by The Barn Vineyard Church on 06/12/2024

Patty Moore

Vera is a dynamic speaker/teacher and I would recommend her without hesitation. Her genuineness, integrity and transparency is very real.

Submitted by Freedom Outreach Int - A Ministry To The Military on 04/29/2024

Connie Joubert

An amazing woman, minister, leader, entrepreneur and god-fearing servant of the most high God! She has blessed me and my family in so many ways. Her giving spirit, unwavering faith and ability to command a room are qualities to marvel. Vera is truly one of a kind. 

Submitted by Ihi on 04/28/2024

Marilyn Joyce, CEO

Author, teacher, speaker, publisher, pastor's wife, mother, and prayer warrior, Vera Warner teaches the Word empowered
with spiritual insight regarding life's challenges. Every time I have heard her speak, I have seen women from all walks of life (civilian & military) attest to receiving direction, insight, emotional & physical healing.

Submitted by Mj Publ & Media Group on 04/24/2024

Lisa Marie Thorstad

I have heard Vera speak on many occasions, she is phenomenal! A very engaging speaker who doesn't mess around but goes straight to the truth of the matter without being harsh.

Submitted by In His Image Global Network on 04/24/2024

Tina Bwana

Since meeting her in Germany where she was co-pastoring my local church (with her husband), Pastor Vee has kept me in awe with her eloquence in speaking, her ability to make u cry and laugh within a sentence and the love that radiates from all her words, written and spoken. 

Submitted by Ubongo (ingo) on 04/24/2024

Patricia Lewis Encourager/Teacher

Vera is an astute life long learner and lover of Jesus. She is very insightful, wise, witty, and a transparent woman of God who walks her talk of the Christian faith. As a speaker and teacher she uses her life lessons and makes the Bible come alive in a manner as only she can do. She definitely gets your attention and keeps it. She is a woman of excellence and a true and living asset to any organization that God aligns her with. Vera is a true blessing to know.

Submitted by Ihi on 04/24/2024

Audrey Ekeson Servant

Pastor Vera is one of the most kind and loving Pastor I have ever known. She speaks with authority and power under a heavy Holy Spirit anointing. And she can make one laugh wholeheartedly. 

Submitted by Ihi on 04/24/2024

Pastor Dana Smith

Vera always has an on time message. I have known her for 15 years. She is very practical in her messages and has a way of keeping your attention. You definitely take something with you to better equip you to serve the Lord with excellence.

Submitted by Church Of God on 08/14/2023

Yolanda O'Neal

Vera has been such an inspiration to me as a friend, confidant, minister, and mostly a spiritual leader. She is very versed when it comes to the Word of God and delivers it with compassion and truth. She is an excellent anointed teacher of the Word, and ministers from a life poured out from a genuine love for God. She is a women to be admired through her dedication and devotion to the will and Word of God. Vera is a great motivator, speaker, and teacher to all women around the world!

Submitted by In His Image: Women Of Excellence on 04/12/2023

Lexie TenHuisen

Vera is cream of the crop when it comes to speakers! Her knowledge of the scriptures, her outgoing personality and ability to captivate the audience is just remarkable.

Submitted by Free Indeed Ministries, Inc. on 07/12/2019

Joyce Luutu

Pastor Vera visited our church a few years ago and left an eternal mark. Some people don't even remember her name but they remember the message she preached and the prophetic anointing she flows in. She is a powerful speaker, with great discernment and a gentleness that only comes from walking closely with God. Her Bible studies are life changing; I have done a few.

If you are feeling that it's time for change, or time to go places with God etc, then connect with this awesome lady.

Submitted by New Life Bible Church, London, Uk on 05/02/2017

Erica L Reynolds Minister

I personally have know Pastor Vee, as we fondly call her, for over 12 years. I have ministered with her abroad as well as in the United States. She is a dynamic speaker who walks in a Prophetic grace. She is able to communicate, connect with and minster to women of all backgrounds and nationalities. She has a gift of nurturing as any proud mother would, while training up and ensuring each person she meets that they are loved by God and valued by the kingdom. Pastor Vee has mastered the Art of the gentle balance between ministry and family, which encourages all leaders in ministry that this is possible if you continually place God first and obey him.
Pastor Vee is able to launch ministries and restore ministries while empowering the people involved in them. She actually walks in the grace of high level discernment
which allows her to be accurate in the Words she releases to the Body. Truly a leader for all times and now times!

Submitted by Valley Kingdom Ministries International, Ihi Ministries Women Of Excellence on 05/01/2017

Fran Threadgill

I have attended several conferences in which Pastor Vera Warner was the main speaker. Her Bilical knowledge & wisdom is evident in her ministry. I like her down to earth delivery of the word that applies to our everyday lives and situations. Ministering under a powerful anointing, many have been set free and delivered of bondages that have held them back from becoming all that God has called them to be. She is an awesome woman of God who understands the times and ministers accordingly.

Submitted by Ministry To The Militaary on 04/26/2017