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Shelley Jeffcoat

Christian Speaker
Alpharetta Georgia 30022

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P.I.E - Proud Woman of God, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, and Empowered by the Word

P.I.E - Proud Woman of God, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, and Empowered by the Word

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Alpharetta, GA 30022
United States of America

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Perimeter Church, Johns Creek GA
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Experienced (over 10 events)
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More About Shelley Jeffcoat

Shelley Jeffcoat is a speaker, industry leader, trainer, author, coach and motivator who uses God's Word to transform your mindset leaving you encouraged, inspired, refreshed, renewed and lifted up!


In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, many are searching for a beacon of hope, a guiding voice that speaks directly to the heart, resonating with truth and purpose. This is where Shelley Jeffcoat stands out as an influential international Christian Women Speaker.

1. Authentic Thursday Live Prayers: Each week, countless individuals from around the world tune into Shelley Jeffcoat's Thursday Live Prayers. These sessions are more than just routine recitations; they're heartfelt appeals to God, where genuine emotions intertwine with the sacred scriptures. These sessions have touched souls, healed wounds, and reignited spiritual fires.

Join us Live on Parade Deck TV Faith Channel: https://www.paradedeck.com/broadcastnetwork?page=Faith


Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZs-6aLo4Hp0hYoikYj2BPw


Download weekly audio replays on your favorite Podcast platform.

2. Thriving Come Out Of The Wilderness Facebook Prayer Group: Not everyone has the gift of fostering a community where faith flourishes. Shelley Jeffcoat has successfully nurtured a growing Facebook prayer group, uniting believers from different walks of life. This group serves as a testament to her leadership and the deep connections she establishes with her audience.

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/comeoutofthewilderness

3. Expertise on Identity in Christ: Shelley Jeffcoat's regular guest appearances, where she delves into topics about our identity in Christ, are particularly compelling. She uncovers profound insights that inspire many to rediscover who they are in the eyes of God. Her spirit filled teachings go beyond surface-level interpretations, providing depth and clarity that many yearn for in their spiritual journey and deepening our relationship with Jesus.

4. Passion for Purpose: Every believer wrestles with understanding their purpose in this vast universe. Shelley Jeffcoat has an innate ability to help others see the bigger picture, guiding them towards a life filled with purpose and intent. Her teachings encourage individuals to view their lives not as a series of random events but as a divinely orchestrated plan through the power of The Holy Spirit.

Hiring Shelley Jeffcoat isn't just about having another speaker; it's about inviting a spiritual visionary who can ignite passion, foster community, and inspire purpose. 

Engage with Shelley Jeffcoat and witness the transformative power of faith in action as a servant of Jesus Christ.

Here's what Shelley has to say about her journey!

"My journey as a follower of Christ has truly grown over the years. I walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit and daily study and private worship centered on God is an absolute must for me. I have been anointed to do my Father's work and will go where He leads. I speak only what He directs and live under an open heaven, always watching God's glory in action. 

"Isn't God amazing? Even as I'm writing this bio, what I want you to know most about me is that God loves you. He truly wants the best for His children, and I'm honored to serve Him. I am a living witness to God's abundance in blessings. What He does for me, is nothing short of what He will do for you." 

Shelley currently lives in Georgia, with her family. 

Watch Shelley's video to learn more.