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Doris Swift Recommendations

Submitted by Coastal Choices Women's Clinic on 04/24/2024

Jessica Deese, Executive Director

On Topic

We had the pleasure of having Doris as a speaker at our recent ladies' luncheon, and she was nothing short of inspiring. Doris brought a wealth of knowledge and heartfelt sincerity that resonated deeply with our guests! Her ability to connect with the attendees on a personal level, both enlightening and uplifting.

Doris was incredibly professional in her preparation and presentation, ensuring that her message was not only informative but also engaging. Her talk provided practical insights and sparked meaningful conversations among our group. She left us feeling empowered and motivated to make positive changes.

I highly recommend Doris as a speaker to any organization seeking to inspire and educate its audience. Her passion and dedication are evident, and her impact is lasting.

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Judy Chitwood

Doris was warm and friendly and easy to listen to. Her presentation was well thought out and followed a plan and purpose. She spoke directly to our ladies retreat theme and share personal insights and experiences. Our ladies enjoyed her presentation and came away with many thought provoking points. We loved having her.

Submitted by Anchor Christian Church on 01/16/2024

Yvonne Marie, M.Ed., Speaker And Author

Doris' talk at the Encourage Conference for women (online) was relatable, timely and full of wisdom. The Holy Spirit real used her gift of teaching today. I was blessed to be in attendance.

Submitted by Your Book Journey Consulting Llc on 07/20/2023

Adenia Seely, Women’s Ministry Director

Doris Swift recently spoke at our Women’s Fellowship Gathering at our church. She is an excellent speaker and I highly recommend her! I have heard Doris speak on many occasions and she can speak on many topics. She has a strong biblical knowledge and a heart for Jesus. Her messages are spirit led and powerful. God has used Doris to help women understand the gospel and relate Jesus’ teachings to women on a very personal level. She helps women to understand that God has a special calling for each one of us. Doris offers a beautiful prayer during her talks and invites the women to pray with her. On May 13, 2023 she spoke on “The Joy Jesus Gave Us” based on John 15:11. Doris has a warm, loving, engaging, and genuine personality. Her messages are always a blessing to all who hear her speak. You can watch and listen to Doris speak on the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/_Ijtnd9Bakw

Submitted by Edgewater Alliance Church on 05/25/2023

Mandy Hood, Executive Director

Doris is a wonderfully gifted speaker! Our ladies loved her and her message. Very engaging, inspiring and on point! She was great to work with too.

Submitted by The Connection on 03/17/2023

Marianne Luchansky

We had Doris at our luncheon we loved her program and she is a kind loving person and loves the Lord. We are looking forward of having her again. Blessings, Marianne Luchansky BELONG

Submitted by Belong Christian Women's Community Outreach Group on 12/05/2022

Ruthie Painter

Doris spoke at an Online Women’s Conference that our organization hosted. She did a fabulous job. She was relatable & genuine. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by The Connection on 02/05/2022

Ramona Torres Host of Girlfriends Talking

Doris was the fan to our flame at todays online Women’s Conference. I left on fire for the Lord.
Excellent teacher ❤️
Excellent Speaker ❤️
Christ was definitely at the center of her message.

Submitted by Girlfriends Talking on 02/05/2022

Cassandra Billotti

Doris was a blessing as a speaker at our online conference!

Submitted by The Connection Women’s Ministry on 02/05/2022