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Janine Lansing Recommendations

Submitted by Encounter Church, Bellflower CA on 02/09/2024

Kimberly Van Leeuwen

On Topic

Janine is a wonderful Spirit lead speaker who has such a way of sharing God's word. We were so lucky to have her. She brought the right message at the right time to our group.

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Kristin Callan

Janine recently spoke at our women's retreat focused on cultivating joy. She is an expert in her field, and working with her was a breeze. Janine's speaking style is fun and relatable, and her content was both relevant and practical for everyday life. Her teachings are rooted in Scripture and offer gentle truths that speak straight to the heart.

Submitted by Christian Outreach Ministries on 08/30/2023

Donnis Pallaoro, Women's Minister

Janine, the author of "Joy Filled Soul," led our church community's Spring retreat, and it was a timely and thought-provoking experience. Janine's approachable and relatable nature made it easy for everyone to engage with the content. Her teachings were excellent, and the action steps she provided at the end of each session made it easy to apply to our daily lives. During the small group breakouts, her discussion questions sparked insightful conversations among our ladies. Janine's teachings are truthful and uncompromising, yet gentle and respectful.

Submitted by The Church At Agape Outpost on 08/30/2023

Morgan McGahey

Beautiful page! Beautiful speaker! Jesus is within her and all over the room when she speaks. It was a pleasure having her at our past womens conference this past spring. Jesus was in the room and left with us in our hearts. 

Submitted by Encounter Christian Church on 08/24/2023

Sandy Van Lant, Women's Ministries Team

I was given two recommendations for Janine to be our retreat speaker. We met for coffee and instantly loved her heart and her story of faith of life in Christ. As I explained our church background and the women of our church, her words and testimony was just what our women needed and wanted. At each session, we met with Janine to pray and asked for God's leading. Our women were so blessed, and Janine became a part of our women and our church that weekend. What a blessing she was, each session, blending God's word, her heart and story to minister to each woman so well. We found a treasure in Janine!

Submitted by Encounter Christian Church on 08/23/2023