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Annual Event Planning Keys & Template

Annual Event Planning Keys & Template

As we stretch out our hands to serve others, sometimes the details and planning process overwhelm us. Our heart for outreach competes with a tide of tasks and the ensuing fatigue. Creativity suffocates when the urgent steals its spirit.

Keys. Three vital secrets will sustain leaders and organizers in effective ministry. First, we must guard our personal margins and take time for quiet moments of prayer and spiritual wellness. Second, we must learn to seek help through mentoring, prayer support, and delegation. Finally, organization tools maintain effective service while protecting the crucial elements of personal margin and support networks. This post addresses the third key to effective ministry by offering a planning template to use year-round.

Templates. For the best results, survey those you hope to reach before setting up an event theme. Use social media analytics, brief online surveys with multiple choice answers, and content popularity tools like Buzz Sumo to determine topics of highest interest and need.

Tools. Be sure to start your planning a few months further in advance if your team or number of attendees increases. Share this tool using a platform accessible to your teammates like Google sheets or Slack. Keep team meetings under one hour and emails less than two a week to minimize burnout, especially if using volunteers. Do not schedule more than one monthly meeting until the final two or three months before the event.

The prayer team remains your ministry’s most critical component. Nourish regular communication with those upholding your events in prayer. Likewise, leaders who pray for members of their prayer team can expect a solid spiritual defense and foundation. 

The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest. 
Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps. Psalm 85:12-13


Tina is an unfairy tale editor who helps women become "sheroes" of their stories. As a licensed counselor, podcast host, author, and life coach, she'll come alongside you and support your vision. Learn more at www.TinaYeager.com and invite Tina to speak at your upcoming women’s event HERE.

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