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9 Check Points for Women's Ministry Growth in 2021

9 Check Points for Women's Ministry Growth in 2021

Here are 9 simple check points to help prepare your women's ministry to grow in 2021 and beyond:

1. Check the Foundation. Take a "walk" through your Women's Ministry looking for any cracks in the foundation. Are there cliques? Are conversations more negative than positive? Is Jesus' mentioned often? Are the meetings more gossip-than-gospel? All of these indicate a crack in the foundation. Find the problem and fix it, then proceed to the next eight check points.

2. Check the Condition of Your Own Health. How are you--not your group, but you personally, as the WM Leader--doing right now? How is your prayer life? Are you hyperventilating? Are you so exhausted that you feel "dead" half of the time? Or are you spiritually fit and mentally at peace? The health of your group, assuming the foundation is firm, will most likely reflect the health of its leader. Stay in constant communication with Christ and surround yourself with friends and mentors who will encourage you in your faith.

3. Check the Blueprint. Are you clear about where you are going as a group? Is your purpose for existence exciting to you? Do you have a mission statement that truly reflects the heartbeat of your team? If not, even if 100 new women joined your organization next month, without a clear vision, you wouldn't know what to do with them!

4. Check the Basement and Closets. Many Women's Ministry groups have crumbled because of unresolved anger, bitterness or control issues that just kept getting swept under the rug, into a closet, or shoved down into the basement. When you sense a ripple on an otherwise calm surface, take action immediately. Do the 3-step: 1) pray for wisdom, timing and a deep love for the women involved, 2) lovingly speak with each one individually, then 3) follow-up with any additional action necessary.

5. Check the Thermostat. Frozen pipes eventually burst, creating all sorts of extra work for everyone! Keep the ideas flowing, the fellowship warm, and the foyer welcoming! If you do this, your regulars (plus guests) will come in from the cold and find that they really don't want to leave!

6. Check the Fun-O-Meter. Avoid falling into a rut! Schedule at least four "fun" events this year: like teas, parties, game nights or conferences. Plan them months in advance and promote them creatively.

7. Check the Brand. Branding is something big companies take time to do, so that all of us will remember why we love them. Women's Ministries who take time to create a "brand" are far more likely to be remembered than those who just exist.

8. Provide More Nutrients Than Desserts. Branding is great, and fun events are important, but they are both just "preliminary steps" toward getting your women involved in deeper and more spiritually-enriching activities like Bible studies and growth groups. Survey your women to find out what they "need" instead of going with whatever new book was just published. Your group is unique: Honor your individuality.

9. Check the Invitations. Your life, as the leader, and that of your ministry team, is the main publicity piece for your group. Keep yourself on track with God! The next most important publicity piece you have is the spiritual growth of the women in your sphere of influence: This alone will attract outsiders. Finally, use your quarterly events as "advertisements" for your weekly classes and small groups. 

2021 may be a year of uncertainty, but what an opportunity for your Women's Ministry group to extend the free gift of love and friendship to every woman in your community. Do the 3-step: 1) pray for wisdom, timing and ideas, 2) lovingly establish programs and offerings that will build toward Christ, and 3) invite and involve as many women as possible.

Copyright 2021 @ Marnie Swedberg 

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