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10 Must-Have Women’s Ministry Mixers for Small Churches

10 Must-Have Women’s Ministry Mixers for Small Churches

Laurie Acker of The Creative Little Church is graciously sharing her list of 10 fun small church women’s ministry mixers, made for small groups, to use at your next women’s ministry event.

Let’s Mix It Up, Please!

Have you ever noticed that when you host a women’s ministry event or Bible study at your small church that everyone always sits in the same spots next to the same people?

As much as we try to encourage our church members to connect with each other and develop new relationships, our natural tendencies are to go to the things that are ‘familiar’ or comfortable.

You know exactly what it looks like, when they enter the gathering it’s like a ‘Pavlovian’ response and off they go to their familiar corners with their familiar friends. You may try to change it, but you can’t ‘guilt’ them into sitting somewhere else, that just doesn’t work and it certainly isn’t going to spark conversations! 

So, two questions you’re probably asking right now, why do we need to change this and how do I go about doing it?

Why Do We Need to Mix Anyways?

As women it is so important for us to make relational connections, especially at church. 

Jesus showed us the connections He made while doing ministry here on earth. He always took time to ask questions, speak into other peoples’ lives and show compassion. He showed He was interested in their lives, their homes, their families. 

We as leaders in the small church need to take His example and encourage our women to make those connections! Using mixers at events or gatherings are a fun and easy way to make that first step. 

I think you’ll be surprised at how the ministry and body life of your church family will be affected by these simple connection exercises.

Here are ten of Laurie's favorite, tried and true, women’s ministry mixers: https://thecreativelittlechurch.com/womens-ministry-mixers/

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