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Winning Your Women’s Events

Winning Your Women’s Events

Winning Your Women’s Events: 3 Key Leadership & Event Planning Insights from Deborah 

You’re an event planner. Deborah was a judge in Israel. On a big day, you oversee the numerous committees under your care. One day Deborah delivered God’s message to Barak. It was time to go into battle. 

Barak, who should have been a warrior ready for battle, basically told Deborah, “Yeah girl, I’m not going unless you come with me.”

Barak’s faith bolstered when Deborah agreed to join him. 

In like manner, as an event planner your influence can bolster courage in your women. Remember, you’re not simply planning a party, you’re rallying the troops to stand against Satan’s schemes.

Let’s look at three leadership insights from Deborah’s example:

She was courageous. As a planner, God has equipped you to create events that encourage and teach Truth. It takes courage to purposefully invite speakers who teach God’s Word––rather than simply entertain the troops.

She showed up. Although Deborah did not engage in battle, her presence bolstered Barak’s courage. God may not ask you to engage in certain aspects of the ministry, but He will cover all the bases as He calls the women you serve to suit up. When you show up, by creating events where they can learn and grow, your influence will equip them for victory.

She woke up and woke others. In Deborah’s song she shares how God awakened her: “Awake, awake, Deborah!” Judges 5:7-12

With all of the turmoil in the world, we can relate to Deborah––a leader living in troubled times. While many cowered in fear, God awakened in Deborah a zeal to wake others. If you’re an event planner, don’t take lightly your calling to awaken your women to engage in God’s battle.

One day, God woke Deborah to take action that would require courage and faith. Now it’s your turn, as a courageous leader, to wake up and bolster the courage of others by creating events where they’re inspired by God’s Word.


Rhonda Stoppe is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife and media guest whose messages weave Christian comedy, transparent stories and sound biblical doctrine to create events to remember. Learn more at and invite Rhonda to speak via

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