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Speaker Fit: A Quick Checklist for Event Planners

Speaker Fit: A Quick Checklist for Event Planners

Being an event planner is both a challenge and a blessing. This Speaker Fit Checklist will help you select the best speaker for your next event.  

Audience-Fit. Is your audience multi-generational or a specific age group? Consider what the speaker offers through her background, experiences, and ability to effectively connect and communicate.

Theology-Fit. Review the speaker’s website and mission statement. Consider how her beliefs line up with the theology of your organization.

Topic-Fit. The title and topic are important for telling others why they should come. Choose an easy-to-work-with speaker who can either help select a great topic or stick to the one you’ve chosen.  

Budget-Fit. Speakers need to be remunerated for their time. Cost can sometimes supersede other important details for a good Speaker-Fit.  Did you know that some speakers are willing to serve for a love offering or for a minimal honorarium? Others help you brainstorm ways to make it work. If it truly feels like a good fit, God will work out the finances.

Style-Fit. Will your event be light-hearted, serious, or a combination?  Choose a speaker who gives messages that are a match for the event you have in mind.

Travel-Fit. Inviting a speaker from your area is definitely easier on your budget. Many speakers are flexible and will come for the budget you have in mind for travel, food, and lodging.

Referral-Fit. When the speaker you are considering is new to you, take time to read and consider the statements by others posted on the speaker’s profile page. 

“Extras”-Fit. A speaker who leads worship and special music is a big plus for saving cost and ensuring that the program flows seamlessly. 

Team-Fit. Most importantly, choose a speaker who is a team player, experienced, and passionate about reaching your women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Carole Brewer offers programs and resources that help women feel loved, experience freedom from past hurts, and understand their true identity in Christ. Enjoy her writing, singing, songwriting, broadcasting and speaking.  women's events. Learn more at and invite Carole to speak at your next event HERE.

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