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Plan an Escape Room Adventure

Plan an Escape Room Adventure

Are you looking for a unique activity that piques interest and gets your group moving? Planning an escape room adventure could be the perfect fit.  

An escape room provides an engaging environment where your group will work together in teams to accomplish a specific goal. They’ll be challenged to discover clues and solve puzzles in a race against time.   

You can create your own escape room from scratch or tap into an existing opportunity. In some communities escape rooms are privately owned and host private parties. 

Planning an escape room can be simple as putting a clue in a locked box on a table and planning for the participants to find the “key” or “combination” to the lock in a specific location. More clues could be hidden among the artwork on the walls or decorations in the room. 

Or, just play the real game of CLUE, or any variation you create from it.

A virtual option is to create a Google Form, which allows teams to solve puzzles together in a Google Meet or Zoom format. It's a puzzle, so create any type of online: 

  • Jigsaw puzzle   
  • Rebus puzzle 
  • Hidden message in an image 
  • Custom eye chart
  • Written upside down (uʍop ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ)
  • Cryptogram

When creating your document, make sure that all the questions are required, response validation is enabled and requires a “short response” answer.  

Hosting an escape room adventure for your group will generate fun, good fellowship and a chance for gals to get to know new friends.


Donna Wayles is a Christian wife, mom, speaker, teacher, and domestic abuse survivor, whose personal experiences, conversational style and life lessons inspire audiences to heal, and to help others find hope.  She'd love to help you with your Escape Event. Learn more at and invite her to speak at your next Christian Women's event HERE.

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