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Hybrid Event Planning 2021

Hybrid Event Planning 2021

Watch "How to Organize & Promote a Hybrid Conference with Passion" below or at YouTube here: https://youtu.be/UERL-gmheTg

During this interview with Marnie and guest, Victoria Chapin, you’ll discover: 

  • When God’s idea of “volunteering” may not look like yours. 
  • God doesn’t always call the qualified, but will qualify those He calls. 
  • It takes an army. 
  • Website strategies. 
  • Maximizing your social media platforms. 
  • Why you must have a compelling “Why.”  
  • The role of prayer and worship. 

Victoria Chapin serves as a do-director and speaker for The Well. She is writing her first book and is actively involved with ministry leadership focusing on prayer, grief, and women’s ministries. Learn more at https://seeyouatthewell.net/speaker/victoria-chapin-2/

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