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Facing Women’s Ministry Event Goliath Moments

Facing Women’s Ministry Event Goliath Moments

Planning a Women’s Ministry event may require facing some Goliath moments. It certainly will bring practical and relational challenges you never see coming, and as the woman in charge, it falls to you to handle them.

You may seek advice from experts, but the decision of how you’ll engage in the situation ultimately belongs to you alone.

The familiar account of David and Goliath in 1Samuel 17 presents a valuable leadership lesson for those moments.

The young shepherd, David, faces off with Goliath, the formidable combatant intimidating the Israelite armies. David fights Goliath in the name of his Lord with only a slingshot, and stones from a nearby stream, killing him to the astonishment of all.

As David was preparing for the battle, King Saul put his own armor on David, along with his helmet and sword. David walked around in them and then decided to take everything off, declaring he could hardly move, because operating in the armor was new to him.

The king was the "battle expert" telling David he needed armor, a helmet and a sword to fight. These weapons had been successful for Saul, but when it came to the moment for David to stand alone and face Goliath himself, he knew he needed to rely on what had worked for him in his own experience. He picked up his proven weapons: the shepherd's staff, slingshot and five stones.

As you prepare for the Goliath moments in your ministry, remember David’s example and don’t try to use someone else's armor. Prayerfully discover what will effectively empower you, and listen to counsel, but in the end, trust what God has already taught you about yourself. Choose the proven actions that fit who you are, because those will support your greatest position of strength.

The key to leading others authentically is to reach for your own God-given slingshot and stones, and then forge forward in the power God provides.


Psychologist, Dr. Kay Julien, serves Christian women in providing a clear path to handling relational difficulties by equipping them with uncomplicated practical communication strategies.  Learn more at www.StormBreakerConflictCoaching.com and invite Kay to speak at your upcoming event HERE

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