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Connecting the Generations: A Women’s Ministry Event

Connecting the Generations: A Women’s Ministry Event

Building the Kingdom of God requires reaching across age-based divides to connect the generations within your women’s ministry, and in our current culture, this is getting more and more difficult. 

Why not plan an event to connect the generations? You could feature tables decorated for each generation plus host a panel discussion to bring cross-generational perspective. 

After a year of isolation and divisive news events, an intergenerational event can begin healing the divide by allowing each woman to feel seen, heard and valued. 

One key to building relationships is good communication and this step-by-step plan is easy to put together and cost effective.

The event features a panel of individuals representing each generation. Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Z respond differently, and understanding the differences helps build community.

Develop questions that give the attendees insight into each panel members life. For example:

  • During your teen years, what world events affected your life?
  • Do you prefer to work in groups or work alone? Why is that? (In general, Gen X prefer to work alone, and Millennials prefer to work in groups.)
  • What motivates you in your life, career and ministry?
  • Sum up your “Jesus Story” (testimony) in one sentence. (This brings unity to the event.)

Make sure panelists receive the questions ahead of time. Invite them to share a prepared one-to-two-minute response. 

It is important this event facilitates non-judgmental expression as well as compassionate, active listening.

After the panel discussion, give the attendees time to discuss the panel responses and share their own answers. Include prompts that stimulate understanding across generational lines. Prompts may include: What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? Did this change your opinion of older/younger generations?

 This is not a time of correction or coercion, rather a time of growing in our understanding. As the participants listen and discuss, they will better appreciate and accept one another.

Re: Decorations. Decorate tables with items from different decades or "eras." Round tables work best as this allows guests to discuss the ideas in a comfortable atmosphere. The goal is to increase cross-generational appreciation and interaction while keeping things fun.


Leslie Schonfeld is an author, speaker, Teaching Pastor at Lake Point Community Church in Oxford, Michigan, and the founder of Dragonfly Ministry. Learn more at and invite Leslie to speak at your next women's event HERE

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