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Posted by Tonja Taylor on 10/20/2017

Your Holy Health - excerpt from the new book!


Your Holy Health, copyright 2017 by Tonja K. Taylor. Published in the United States of America. Editing help by Clayton Taylor.

Published in the United States of America. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review.

                                                                                           * * * 

To the reader: I just finished this book and it is now available in PDF form. I wrote this to help as many as possible understand these proven easy and economical ways to achieve greater fitness and thus have more of the life God intended them to have! Please contact me if you would like to obtain the full version!



First Things

Journey into Your Holy Health

Adventures in Healthy Eating

Journal Entry (B.O.F.)

Covenant Health

Other Things You Need to Know

    Sweet Sleep

    Good Vibrations

    Pre-Breakfast Drink

    Power Breakfast

    Recap for Morning

   Getting Past Getting Started

   Strengthen Your Core

   Water, Water, and More

   Children of the Light

   Best-for-you Sweeteners

   Eat Your Veggies

   Save Your Teeth

   Herbs and Natural Supplements

   Fermented Foods

   Rest is Vital

   How to Choose Restaurant Foods

   What Are You Feeding Your Child?

   Dry Skin Brushing and Body Scrubs

 A Better Investment

 Power Smoothie Recipe


Save Your Teeth! 

For years, I had cavities, abscessed teeth, and other challenges, which involved terrible pain, loss of finances from missed work and trips to the dentist, and such. Sometimes the cavities or abscesses caused sinus infections.    Anyway, I wound up losing several teeth and having to pay a few thousand to have four teeth replaced. 

Although I grew up thinking this was caused by “bad genes,” I know now that, although genetics may have allowed a tendency for my teeth to be more susceptible to disease than many other people, it really had to do with what I put in my body, and the fact that fluoride, from what I have discovered and now believe, can actually cause tooth decay. 

I certainly wish I’d known what I’m telling you now all those decades ago!

But better late than never. Besides the fact that I now believe in the healing power of God through prayer and speaking the Word over oneself—and I have certainly experienced it in many areas of my life!—I believe in that the LORD in His mercy is bringing a “renaissance” of knowledge about how to properly treat our bodies so that these amazing creations the real us walks around in can heal itself!

Blessed are we whom He trains in His ways (Psalm 24:4-5)!

Here are a few ways the LORD has brought healing to my teeth and mouth and that may bring healing to yours:

I stopped using toothpaste with fluoride. I have not had cavities since, although part of that blessing I would think was enhanced by the fact that I also eat very well, avoid sugar, and drink kefir and kombucha, plus, of course, speak the Word of God over my body, soul, and spirit every day!

Swish with organic coconut oil before you brush, to loosen food from your teeth so your brushing will be more efficient. 

Floss at least every other day. If my gums bleed or if I feel something is wrong in my mouth, I will swish a fresh glob of coconut oil in my mouth and not spit it out nor rinse it out; or rinse with water and hydrogen peroxide; or rinse with strong, sugar-free mouthwash. 

I have not had cavities since I have started this about 2 years ago!

Herbs and Natural Supplements

We buy organic herbs and natural supplements as much as possible. For herbs and spices, you could grow your own, for the freshest, most potent herbs and natural remedies, as long as you properly follow directions for use. Some could be toxic if not used properly. Always choose organic seeds and plants if possible, and organic products when buying the packaged herbs and other remedies. Look for those that are the most pure; the freest from fillers and additives, and preferably, not genetically modified (Non-GMO)!

I have learned that buying supplements in the capsule form, or a liquid version, or at least an organic brand that the LORD gives me peace about (along with recommendations from the health store staff that I trust), are best.  The supplements must break down properly in your body and become bioavailable, meaning your body can easily use them.  If they are too hard or do not properly dissolve, they will just pass through and not only are you wasting your money, but you get no benefit!

Years ago, I sold supplements. I never intended to do so, but this very polite and persistent guy from North Carolina, who spoke with a lisp, called me at least once a week for six months, bragging on the products he sold and telling me how they would help me. Finally, I told him I would try the probiotic. Having eaten major junk most of my life, as well as having had lots of antibiotics put into me from various illnesses through the years, plus never having taken a probiotic, I needed it! I didn’t know how much I needed it, but I certainly did, so I believe it was a God thing that he called and persisted.

God loves me! He loves you too, and wants you to have the best life possible! Having proven to myself after years of sickness and other mess mostly caused by eating junk and not fortifying myself with the Word, probiotics and other good things, I am writing this book to share with you everything I have learned to help you have a better life! I am so much healthier, positive, and stronger, and think more clearly, that the difference is remarkable!

Of course, as I’ve already said but am repeating on purpose, the thing that has changed and helped me the most is the daily ingesting of Word of God; reading it, speaking it, praying it, singing it. Not only being in His Presence often, at church and one-on-One in my personal time with Him, but getting His wisdom and leading to understand and try new things, gradually “replacing the wicked with the righteous,” in my diet and lifestyle.

The LORD says, in Isaiah 55:2, to “Hearken diligently unto Me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.”  Notice, this is not just talking about the body, but the soul: mind, will, and emotions! Wow, I believe that He is talking about “eating” by reading, hearing, and speaking the Word of God overall, and that affects our bodies and souls for good. When we eat wisely to the betterment of our bodies that also brings us good things. The “fatness” He is talking about here is not being fat around our middles, but blessed and favored with many good things!

I have taken a mélange of supplements through the years, and am glad my dear mom believed in taking them and taught me to do so. Almost all of them have benefitted me in some way—as long as they truly dissolved. I am sure I have wasted money (I now know) on some of the cheaper brands that were very hard. (If you have such, as least cut them in half or grind them up (it will taste bitter) before you take them, so you will still get some benefit!).  

I have never consulted a human doctor about which supplements to take (other than a quick web browse to find doctors of nutrition or holistic health, that have their statement of faith in Jesus Christ posted on their sites), although I do depend on Dr. Rapha (as in Jehovah Raphe, our Great Physician, the LORD Who heals us; Ex. 15:26) to guide me always. He is always faithful to do so. 

There are a few supplements I warn you against: (1) Anything that makes you feel like your heart speeds up when you take it (especially if the company claims that the supplement will help you lose weight), feel dizzy, or cause any other weird happening in your body; (2) Anything that, when you’re reading it or thinking about it, you just can’t get peace about taking. And, if you lose your peace (even though you’ve spent the money) about taking something, or have a weird reaction, for goodness’ sake—and your safety—throw it away! Don’t give it to anyone else; get rid of it.  

Once, I had my husband buy a supplement with acai (all the rage a few years ago) berries in it, and, for two nights in a row in the middle of the night, I awoke with my gums bleeding!  I’d never had that happen before, and the second night, asking God for wisdom, all I could think of was the supplement with the acai. So I immediately chunked it—and never had that problem again. 

I am not knocking acai berries or supplements. I am stating that the LORD showed me that the supplements I took with them had caused my gums to bleed. As a true believer, I know that it is very important what we listen to, what we watch, and what we put in and on our bodies and into our surroundings. Sometimes, there are people into witchcraft and other ungodly practices who produce all kinds of things to cause people problems, and I think that must have been the case with those supplements. 

God loves us and He leads us by peace. He is the Prince of Peace. If I can’t get peace about a supplement, I refuse to buy it, even if I’ll have to come back later.  I have learned that it is better to come back, and pray and ask God Who knows all things and loves me for His wisdom on which products to buy. 

My husband and I have found that the NOW® brand of supplements from the health food store is very good, although we take other brands as well. We use the capsules and liquids, which are the forms that are the fastest to be digested, other than the meal mixes. They work well, and are a mid-range price.

Otherwise, I use Dr. Jordan Rubin’s RAW® meal mix. I have used many of his products and believe in them. They are a bit pricey, but the meal mix is definitely a good buy. I put it in my green shakes in the mornings, and often sprinkle it on top of yogurt for a light meal or snack.

The LORD is good, good Father, and with long life He will satisfy us and show us His Salvation (Psalm 91)—and all the more as we listen and follow His directions. His commands are light, and although I said for years, “I could give up many things, but I don’t think I could give up ice cream!” I have. I have given up ice cream—the kind you can get anywhere—the kind full of things you don’t even want to know about! Now I either make my own ice cream or find organic to buy. The health food store has some, and I use organic milk and organic strawberries to add to make shakes.  Also, I hear the local Jason’s Deli® now has organic ice milk and I shall have to try it. 

You are worth investing in yourself—and choosing to avoid harmful things—for a long, strong, satisfying life!

Fermented Foods

From what I remember, I first heard about kombucha and kefir in The Maker’s Diet by Dr. Jordan Rubin. (No, I haven’t yet done the 10-day diet he suggests. I may get there.) I was not interested at the time, although I was glad to know it had health benefits.  So I just skimmed over that part.  

Then I must have read or heard something else about kombucha (fermented tea), because I decided to try one at the local health food store.  It was pretty good, and then, over the next many weeks, I tried many, with all sorts of flavors and some even containing chia seeds (Not my fave, for it reminds me of snot, for some reason, LOL. At this point, I prefer to consume my seeds separately.).  

I really liked the fact that, besides the fact that it was a decent price and tasted pretty good (better than those nasty “energy drinks” and much better for you, in that it is all good, with a natural fizz and no harmful carbon dioxide), I was investing in myself. Instead of wasting my money on something that might taste okay but be bad for me—and thus, harming myself, I was doing my body good! I was not only enjoying the taste of good health, but raising my immunity and preventing sickness, illness, disease, and loss of money from drugs and doc visits and missing work. 

Then, at a farmer’s market, where you can often find organic (meaning—overall—grown with no poisonous pesticides nor fertilizers) and non-GMO foods, I discovered that I could make my own! My husband is actually the one that suggested that, and bought me The Big Book of Kombucha ©. 

Also, the LORD led me to CulturedFoodLife.com, a site from which I have learned much and from which I purchased my first SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and started making my own. (I know bacteria and yeast sound yucky, but they are very important to us humans, and when they partner to produce kombucha, the result is greater health for the consumers, because these are good bacteria and yeast!)

Actually, I had created my own from using part of a store-bought brand. However, because it took so long, and because the starter liquid was from a commercial brew, I did not have peace about drinking it.  I did put the two very pink (they are supposed to be tan or brown, or a light cream color) SCOBYs in my compost pile, so it wasn’t all wasted.

Also, being a science teacher, I was interested in the process as well as the product, and I learned some things.   

Then I tried again, with a SCOBY from the friend at the farmer’s market, and when I checked the brew 5 days later, it had mold on it! I knew it was mold because I had studied the pictures from the book. At least I knew what it was before I drank it. I think that the SCOBY, which is a living organism, must have gotten too warm the day I got it from her, because I left it in the car while we sat in the restaurant talking for over an hour. 

My mistake. SCOBYs are living organism and, as with most of us, don’t like being too warm. 

I ordered an excellent SCOBY from Donna Schwenk CulturedFoodLife.com months ago, and have happily made many batches of beneficial kombucha. My favorite is strawberry-pineapple-ginger. The kombucha has a “zing” to it already, to me, but the ginger enhances that, not to mention the nutritional value. I use organic strawberries, of course, and (right now), canned pineapple or pineapple juice, along with organic ginger. I have discovered that the ground ginger works even better than the fresh.

Have fun and experiment with your own designs. I’ve even seen recipes for mint and for chocolate kombuchas. 

While I am waiting, my husband and I tried a new brand, months ago, which I will not name.  (He had recently become more adventurous and tried kefir just a couple weeks before. So he tried his very first kombucha tea, or KT). He was not impressed. Mine tasted like beer, and I drank it, but only after sweetening with red grape juice and a bit of liquid stevia. The brand I had bought many of obviously had added more fruit juices to the mix.  So now, I add at least a tablespoon of fruit and/or juice to each bottle of mine. (I reuse commercial kombucha bottles and just pour the fruit juice mixture and kombucha in them, till I run out, then I use quart glass jars.)

By the way, always store your kombucha in glass or some other natural container, never plastic. I think I learned that from Donna Schwenk at CulturedFoodLife.com

Also, kombucha should not be consumed by a child less than 18, because it contains a trace amount of alcohol. Although kombucha has a trace amount of alcohol which will not impair the judgment of most people, I stopped drinking alcohol decades ago and will not return, so I don’t welcome the taste of beer.  Kombucha definitely has much less alcohol than many nighttime cough medicines, which I also avoid. 

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