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Posted by Dene Starks on 06/30/2018

What's Next? A Guide for Next Level Marketing


At some point in life, we tend to ask ourselves these simple questions…What’s next? What will I do next? what’s next for my business? what’s next for my ideas? or what’s next for my family? Sometimes we have an idea of what’s next, but we do not know how to obtain it and we often times find ourselves in a “plateaued” state of mind where all of our great ideas never became a reality because we simply did not know the answer to what’s next? It’s time to ask yourself, what ideas do I have that I want to make a reality? what dreams do I have that will fulfill my destiny? what business idea do I have that I want to start? what existing business do I have that I let go of? 1. Fear of failure Starting a business or bringing an idea to life has huge risks associated and there’s always a looming fear that things will fail. 2. Inadequate resources It takes capital (money) to start a business, run a business, and to produce viable product. 3. Do not know what or where to start Some people have great ideas but they do not know what or where to start. Determining what and where to start is the #1 stumbling block for so many people. This book serves as a guide to realizing your dreams and taking steps to overcome fear and turn your dreams into reality.