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Posted by Elizabeth Clamon on 10/19/2018

Voices of the 21st Century: Women Who Influence, Inspire and Make a Difference


A collection of stories from thirty women speakers that range from overcoming adversity to graceful aging. My chapter is based on my own story of overcoming lives challenges to glorify God. My chapter found on page thirty-three is entitled Relentless and is a brief snapshot of my story and my talk by the same title. Be relentless! Never give up! No matter what hardships you may face, dig deep within yourself and find the strength and courage to continue. Often relentlessness can be thought of as a negative; however, I think of relentlessness as a positive. It’s the quality of being tenacious, of holding fast, of being persistent. That’s how I am—tenacious, relentless.

It is an Amazon Bestseller and I’m proud to be included in this collection of inspiring stories. 

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