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Posted by Melissa Pearce on 09/28/2016

Unveiling Love: A Journey to Discover the Father's Heart


Are you ready to take a journey with God? Unveiling Love: A Journey to Discover the Father’s Heart will challenge the different theologies and ideologies you possess about God and how it ultimately impacts your identity. God desires for you to recognize yourself as a son or a daughter in Him. When you do, you will operate from a position of value which is harnessed in His Love. Unveiling Love will take you on a 12-week Bible study journey. Throughout the study, you will discover the Father’s love towards you, the Son’s love within you and Holy Spirit’s love to move through you! In a society that is becoming more agnostic and atheistic, God is preparing His Beloved, the Church, to become warriors of Love. Love is the key antidote that will change the world. Love is what endured the Cross and covered a multitude of sins. Love is what defeated death so life could prevail. God wants to equip you, His warrior of Love, to walk in the fullness of Him. Your position of power and authority all stems from operating in your identity in Him. There is an advancement rising and God wants to use you to be a part of it!

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