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Posted by Deborah Warren on 10/04/2018

Understanding Spiritual Seasons Guide


This Spiritual Seasons Guide will help you understand the spiritual seasons and their characteristics so you can determine what season you're currently in. It will help keep your frustration level down as you wait on God to answer your prayers and make your dreams come true. 

As we take this journey called life, we have certain things we're wishing and praying for from God, but, sometimes the wait gets long and we begin to question what we're believing for. That breeds frustration and we often question why things take so long.  We find the answer in Ecclesiastes 3:1, where we learn that there is a season for everything.  As surely as things are down, they will come back up again, but, it takes time.  Spiritual seasons mimic the natural seasons and this gives us insight into understanding them and how we can be successful in them.  The Bible teaches us to think about them like the natural seasons and how they relate to growing fruit.  Like the natural, the biggest insight we can gain is that no seed grows overnight.  When we plant a natural or spiritual seed, we have to keep in mind that it will take a season or more before we see the fruit of that seed. Realizing this helps us understand that our prayers and promises won't come to fruition overnight either. There is a wait period before we see anything.  We need to be mindful of what happens during each season to successfully survive and prepare for the next season and ultimately for the harvest season where we see dreams and promises come to pass.  This guide will help you do just that.