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Posted by Twylia Reid on 01/28/2019

The WORD The Truth & The Light - Bible Study Notebook


The Bible has 66 books, more than 1, 000 chapters, and written by various authors. Whether you have no Bible experience or have studied the Bible for years, this handy Bible Study Notebook provides an excellent introduction to personal Bible study.  One key difference between reading and studying is writing down what you hear and absorb. This isn't just so you'll remember it later. The very act of writing requires you to formulate your thoughts clearly. Writing forces you to identify vague thinking for what it is and push past it. Write down what you’re learning because it helps you understand it better.

I’m grateful I began the practice of note-taking with my Bible study. Now when I read a passage again, I know what I learned the last time I studied it, and what I need to search next. For individuals, Bible teachers, group leaders, and even preachers, this notebook of preceding studies will become valued, and appreciated as it develops into your “go to” tool, if you will, in providing an even deeper revelation of the WORD.

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