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Posted by Teresa Nelson on 03/05/2019

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: A 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God


Tender Mercies for Tough Moments is a 31 day Blessing Book and Bible Study which tackles real-life challenges and emotions, offers Scriptural solutions, and provides gut-honest prayers.  This daily devotional for women (and men) looks beyond the natural and brings you directly to the supernatural God of love. 

When you can’t bear your situation another minute, Tender Mercies for Tough Moments will guide you into the peaceful assurance of God’s protection, presence and power. Each spiritual daily inspiration can help calm the anxieties, heal the hurting places, and settle the confusion- through Jesus Christ.

Whether it is shame and guilt, anger, unforgiveness, addiction, grief, comparison, or any wound, God has an immense mercy for you and is waiting to bless you with His forgiveness and goodness. After a life-time of public service and ministry, author Teresa E. Nelson has written a guide for true Christian living. She invites you to allow God to turn brokenness into blessing, despair to the Divine, and hopelessness into happiness. Walk in peace.  Step into the blessings.

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