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Posted by Beth Kinder on 08/18/2016

Stronghold, The Secrets Beyond the Wall


This book is the conversation you desperately need but don’t know how or where to start. Countless women battle emotionally and mentally behind the shadow of shame, and you are not alone. Stronghold will dissolve those barriers that divide and hide, and it will connect you with a Savior who is calling you back out into the light of freedom. Through the pages of this book, Beth will lead you on a journey to discover the secrets beyond the wall: - The Secret To Healing - The Secret To Feeling Loved - The Secret To Knowing God - The Secret To Overcoming Sin - The Secret To Balancing Our Life. If permitted, this journey won’t allow you to stay where you started. The authentic Stronghold, Jesus Christ, will expose the lies of bondage and restore you to the woman you were created to be. Click this link to preview Stronghold Promotional Video: https://vimeo.com/121831387
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