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Posted by Beth Kinder on 08/22/2016

Stronghold, Journal Your Journey


Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime, because you are being positioned to encounter the presence of God in your personal quiet time. In the Old Testament before the Israelites crossed the Jordan River into their Promised Land, the Lord told Joshua to take 12 stones from the middle of the very waters that were separating them from their freedom. The people were to erect a memorial with these large boulders. The Lord explained to Joshua that these stones would cause people to ask what they were, and give opportunity to tell future generations how the God of Israel delivered them from slavery into their Promised Land. The Lord called these stones, Stones of Remembrance. Your journal will become your personal stones of remembrance. When people ask what this is, you’ll be able to share with them the journey God took you on from captivity to freedom. Designed to be a companion to the book Stronghold, The Secrets Beyond the Wall this journal will record the historical moments as you leave the counterfeit strongholds of the enemy and enter the authentic stronghold of the Lord.
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