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Posted by Kimberly Hooper on 01/20/2019

Strategic Goal Setting Worksheet


https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Seven+Areas+of+Life_Setting+Strategic+Goals.pdfBeing a "10" in every area does not mean you are living a balanced life. Life is dynamic and depending on the priorities,

special projects, and the role responsibilities you have you will need to first "prioritize" what is important to you and then

schedule your goals and priorities.  

This Strategic Goal Setting Worksheet can help you get started to defining your goal and choosing the areas of life it impacts and how you want to make it happen by scheduling it in your calendar.  

If you would like more information for the effective Tools and Resources for living an Authentic Successful Life, please call to schedule a time for us to explore if one of my PLE Workshops is a fit for your next women's event.  Until then, I hope this resource is a blessing to you.


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