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Posted by Judy Dippel on 12/14/2017

Refreshing Hope in God:


Refreshing Hope in God: For Moms Who Need Help in the Hard Times by [Dippel, Judy]https://www.amazon.com/Refreshing-Hope-God-Moms-Times-ebook/dp/B077LCKLHY/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1513271467&sr=1-1&keywords=refreshing+hope+in+god 

This book is written for every mom who has found that being a mother doesn't always always go as planned. That is true for nearly every mother in one way or another! Each chapter speaks to the raw emotions; the tremendous joy, the unexpected challenges, and the emotional pain of the motherhood journey. During such times, God reminds mothers He is near and they are not alone. 

If your motherhood dreams seem shattered, or your children and family are in chaos and you don’t know where to turn, please read through the chapters of this book. Be assured that other mothers have felt as you do. The exact circumstances may be different, but the raw emotions and the need to overcome are the same. 

This true life story helps mothers put their trust in God for whatever concerns their family today. Readers will discover many things, but none more wondrous than the sure knowledge that God is faithful in all circumstances!