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Posted by Twylia Reid on 01/28/2019

"My Journey Goal Setting Journal"


Are your daily activities bringing you closer to your goals? If not, do not expect the things in your life you need and want to be different and changed, to be different or change. Some people think that setting goals are a demonstration of not having trust in God, and they should wait on God to lead them and show them the way. Don’t get it twisted, God doesn’t want us to make moves without consulting Him, but He also doesn’t want us doing anything. Why? Because He has given us gifts and talents and expects us to use them to do good works. However, setting goals and consulting with Him confirms not only that you trust Him, but that you also believe that He is able to lead, and guide you as you are moving forward towards your destiny. You will find as you set goals that are focused on God’s vision the more you will grow and accomplish. Outlining your goals, and putting them in writing serves as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. Goals are set one step at a time, and there is really only one true secret to achieving them which is to SIMPLY START.

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