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Posted by Melissa Pearce on 09/28/2016

Lord, Change the Pharisee in Me!


Are you ready for a challenge? Lord, Change the Pharisee in Me challenges you to reevaluate your heart. What is the driving force behind your actions and the motive behind your agendas? Is it compulsion to act for the Father or for your gain? As Christians, we embrace the heart of Jesus and must emulate it to those around us. To do this, we must die to self and embrace God’s righteousness, love and humility. At times in our combative and seductive society, our walk would be easier if we just blended in but this is not our call! We are to be carriers of His Presence to those around us. You have a great responsibility. The question: Will you respond to God’s challenge? Let your life be hidden in His – reflect God’s Light and Love to those around you!

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