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Posted by Melissa Kirk on 08/29/2017

Grace Warrior - Bathed in Mercy, Clothed in Grace (Grace Warrior Devotional Series)


Book One of the Grace Warrior Devotional Series.

There was a time when life dumped on, stepped on, and overlooked the woman. She searched for love, only to find rejection. Lies stripped away her dignity while antidotes for stress left her numb. She did all she could, but it was never enough. Desperate, she fell to her knees and cried out, “Help me!” God answered. She’s the King’s daughter now. She is Grace Warrior, and she’s been bathed in mercy – clothed in grace. GRACE WARRIOR – Bathed in Mercy, Clothed in Grace is part of the GRACE WARRIOR DEVOTIONAL SERIES. A grace warrior is defined as a child of God, who handles Kingdom business with dignity and determination. This book is filled with reflections and scriptural principles to help you understand God’s plan for you. It is designed to easily serve the needs of the lone reader or those of a group. A discussion guide is included. Available in paperback or Kindle

Grace Warrior Devotional Series

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