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Posted by Paula Harris on 12/31/2015

Dropped, But Not Broken


Relationships can sometimes take unexpected turns, and many Christian women are reluctant to share these challenges with others, fearing they may be stripped of their robe of righteousness. In Dropped but Not Broken, author Paula Harris confronts these all-too-common issues. She shows how women can experience deliverance and healing in order to be set free to receive and give love once again. Through a series of real-life, mini-narratives and scripture-based advice, Dropped but Not Broken offers guidance for bringing prayer and calm love into one's life. It shows women how to know a love that manifests itself from the inside out and how to break free from suffering in silence, from substitutes to the real thing, and from rejection into rejuvenation. You can overcome unreliable feelings with faith, learn how to trust again and overcome conflicts. Teaching the two most effective principles for experiencing sincere love, Dropped but Not Broken helps women strengthen their relationships, in order to live a more fulfilling life.

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