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Posted by Sharon Riddle on 11/02/2015

Warring at the Window


A new book, titled Warring at the Window, will make its debut this month on September 30, 2004.  Published by Olive Leaf Publications, this book can help people learn practical ways to pray MORE and also MORE EFFECTIVELY.  Sharon Riddle, author, will be available for interviews with practical hints on the one tool that can radically change the course of our world: prayer. Her inspiring stories of answered prayer have already been heard on radio station 89.7.FM in Riverside, Calif., with great response. In her first book, Waiting at the Window, Mrs. Riddle shared personal accounts of how prayer has grown her church, produced resources for missions and has helped transform her community.  In her second book, Warring at the Window, Mrs. Riddle goes deeper into spiritual warfare with practical helps in the areas of fasting, impossible prayer requests and interceding for our country. Booksellers will want to highlight this book because of the current spiritual state of our nation and its downward spiral without God’s intervention.

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