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Posted by Twylia Reid on 01/27/2019

"Broken Wings"


BROKEN WINGS” is a narrative of a mother’s decision to champion for her son Mylon after a tragic accident.  She artfully describes the medical, emotional and spiritual difficulties of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor and his caregiver.

Twylia takes readers on a heart-wrenching journey from gloom and despair to healing and hope.  She reveals the strain of being thrust into bleak circumstances and uncertain outcomes.  She then leads readers on a path to victory through faith, prayer and her commitment to optimism. 

In “BROKEN WINGS”, you will experience:

            *A mother’s undying love and devotion

            *A family’s ability to live through unforeseen events

            *The haunting truth about how TBI affects victims and caregivers

            *Twylia’s strategies to help her son be the best brain injury survivor he can be

This book will show you what it takes to navigate untimely tragedies.  If you’re ready to live in spite of life’s challenges, this book is for you!

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