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Posted by Kathy Collard Miller on 11/07/2018

At the Heart of Friendship: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series


Friends are gifts from God but it doesn’t always seem like it. Thankfully the Bible talks a lot about relationships and helps us navigate through the ones bringing joy and challenges. 

At the Heart of Friendship is an expanded and enlarged version providing 10 lessons on different aspects of friendship. It focuses on the fascinating interactions in the Bible between Hannah and Penninah, the groom and bride of the Song of Solomon, Mary and Martha, Rachel and Leah, Ruth and Naomi, and many others.

Topics cover envy, competition, conflict, mentoring, and relationships with a husband and children. And ultimately a friendship with God.

With characteristic depth of questions and insightful commentary, this study in the Daughters of the King Bible Study Series includes the heart-impacting “Letter from God” at the end of each lesson.

You’ll find this a helpful, encouraging, and enlightening study for yourself or a group of women. 

As the founder of Modern Day Princess Ministries I am always looking to recommend resources for women that further the depth of our walk with Christ. The Daughter of the King series by Kathy Collard Miller does exactly that. It enables you to discover the wealth you have in knowing the King of Kings as your Heavenly Father and begin walking in the royalty you possess.

Doreen Hanna, Treasured Celebrations, Founder & President

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