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Posted by Lori Hartin on 05/24/2016

Workshop Training - Timelines, Tags & Tweets

“Yet I am so thankful to God, who always marches us to victory under the banner of the Anointed One; and through us He spreads the beautiful fragrance of His knowledge to every corner of the earth.” -II Corinthians 2:14

Our ability to communicate via the World Wide Web has now made it possible to reach every corner of the earth, just as this Scripture reads. With that in mind, I use this verse to ask myself a very important question – is my next Facebook status update going to spread Christ’s beautiful fragrance?

If you are leading a ministry group, it is important to know that social media etiquette will be a valuable skill to teach your team. In a workshop setting, Lori will train and equip your team to use their social media profiles to best represent their lives and the ministry in which they serve. Workshop fee is negotiable and will includes travel up to 100 miles from the Sacramento, CA area.

Workshop Training - Timelines, Tags & Tweets