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Posted by Yvette Walker on 04/18/2022

Whispering in His Ear

We talk to God. Sometimes. But we really don't expect a response. Neither do we look for him in everyday situations. Yvette does, and she tells of her simple but poignant life lessons with God in the car, at home, at church, and even going to the post office! This book of devotions allows you to look at your assumptions and spend time with God with scripture in three popular translations (ESV, NIV and the NBLA in Spanish). Follow prayers and exercises to still yourself and come into His presence as you enter into conversation with the Lord.

Yvette Walker's testimony drives this book: that you can be a believer all your life without fully understanding the joy that comes from the Father is the very joy that completes you.

In Whispering in His Ear:

  • God is speaking to you
  • My story about marriage and long-term illness
  • My experience in the church
  • Choosing joy is an option you must practice
  • You can learn to trust Him again
  • Allow God to place you where He wants you
  • BONUS Multimedia experience: Four original musical tracks that add to the devotional encounter.

Whispering in His Ear


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