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Posted by Marnie Swedberg on 03/01/2016

Vision / Mission Boot Camp

Discover your personal vision and mission statements during this two-hour training boot camp with Marnie. Some of the benefits include:

  • Serves as a road map
  • Enables proper preparation
  • Provides structure and boundaries
  • Establishes performance measures
  • Empowers wise decision-making
  • Generates targeted goals
  • Raises the level of commitment to goals
  • Focuses energy and investments
  • Provides meaning for today’s efforts
  • Offers peace when a “no” answer is required
  • Learning, growth and perpetual improvement

Take the training anytime you have time. 

Register here: http://www.marnie.com/store/p39/Vision_%2F_Mission_Boot_Camp.html

As always, members get in FREE! Non-Members: Check out the mentorship membership here.

Includes: Pre-work sheets, online webinar with sound and PPTs.

Vision / Mission Boot Camp

$ 99.00