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Posted by Felecia Pearson Smith on 06/14/2021

Unity Amidst Diversity - Video Interview

During this interview about Unity Amidst Diversity with Marnie and Felecia Pearson Smith, you’ll discover: 

•  What unity amidst diversity is and is not. 

•  How individuals and the church has failed in addressing racism. 

•  How to take responsibility and move forward in love. 

•  Some conversations we could have with God, others, and ourselves. 

•  How we can help change the temperature from hate to hope.  

Rev. Felecia Pearson Smith, M.Div, is a speaker, writer and workshop leader and the founder of Metamorphosis LEADS, Inc. She focuses on emotionally healthy spirituality, meaning to love God, myself and others well. Learn more at Invite her to speak at your next event via her profile at

Unity Amidst Diversity - Video Interview


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